The Benefits of Water Fasting – Where to Begin

Tomorrow is Today

I am sure you have heard it a million times – “tomorrow”, “well it’s the middle of the week, I better wait til’ Monday”, “I am just having a bad day”. All of this may be true, but the reality is…tomorrow never comes. Take action today, take action after you’re done reading this…take action now. Seriously consciously understand you are going to follow the outline of what you are about to read. I have always found it easier to do something if someone told me “you can’t” or “I challenge you”. Well I am challenging you, right now. It is time to understand the benefits of water fasting and how it can heal you.

Water fasting, intermittent fasting, any type of fasting is a serious journey and it starts upstairs, in the mind. I am going to outline the basics of getting the primer pumped and ready to start this stoic journey, that most of your friends and family will call you a loony toon for.Fasting today

First and foremost you need to have a good reason for starting down this road. Whether it be to get fit and lose some weight or just to challenge yourself to something new…just know “why” you want this. Understand this isn’t easy, if it were everyone would be doing it, stepping out of your comfort zone will be a necessity. Once this is established we will be ready to tackle the beginning of the rest of your life, OK maybe not that far… the beginning of the fasting process and challenging your will.

It will be very easy to make excuses to quit, from “this is stupid” to “I really think I might be sick” – all the above. Just know it is all a mind game, if this is going to be taken serious there will be respect you owe to yourself. Remember to track your progress, getting the right amount of sleep and calories in the beginning, and make sure they are calories your body needs.

I am going to break down how I – Nic – find benefits to water fasting. This may differ from many other people but it has worked for me and I know it can work for anyone with the will to change. Ready – set – go.

The 3 S’s

Slow – Steady – Stoic

Starting a fast is a binary lifestyle shift, whether it be long term or just trying this out. Just know it is going to change the way your brain functions. It will be a roller coaster at first.

Starting slow is key. Knowing this is a change and that old habits will be hard to break…you know the whole eating thing. Begin by setting tiny goals that extend a week. For example –

  1. skip breakfast for 3 days and don’t eat til at least 11
  2. skip breakfast for 3 days and don’t eat til at least noon
  3. skip breakfast for 3 days and don’t eat til at least 2 pm and only eat 100 calories

I suggest creating these little goals and writing them down. Put them in your pocket and remind yourself of them. This will force yourself to not lie to yourself. You know these will be in your pocket and you will fail yourself if you don’t go through with them. I actually started doing this when I started extended fasts, I needed any extra motivation to keep me on track, it works. And hey – if you don’t do them, move on and try again. The idea is to remain on point and stay consistent in the beginning.

Steadily Start to Fast
Fasting while being steady

Steady as she goes. Stay steady in your trial run. However, you want to frame up your goals, stick with them. If you find that what you set out for was to difficult, just turn the dial from 11 to 7 for a day or so, but don’t give up, and don’t lie to yourself. This is one of the few things you can’t cheat on, you literally are only wasting your own time if you are going to lie about “not eating” – now that would be more insane than not eating.

Keep a stoic presence about yourself. Humble yourself in the challenge of fasting. It really is you versus your mind. You really don’t need anyone else to battle here. I found this out the hard way when I did my 10 day water fast. I presented my journey on social media, I honestly had great support, but the added stress was unnecessary.

Let’s move into the good stuff, let’s get ready to not eat.

Risk it for the Biscuit (don’t eat the biscuit)

Water fasting has many healing qualities ranging from fixing a leaky gut, mental clarity and the obvious weight loss. There are many more but those are what I find to be the most rewarding. Having said that know this will be a rocky road to start, but it will get much better…promise.

This is as close to overnight weight loss that I have found anywhere – literally losing weight in your sleep and keeping it off. Like I said before I have lost 40 lbs in 40 days. I am by no means morbidly obese but I did have the weight to lose at a “svelte” 210 pounds in a 5’9″ frame and this is very possible for anyone with the right mindset, and more importantly a disciplined regimen to achieve.

Understand the facts of what you will need to consider giving up a vice or two in your current lifestyle

  1. AlcoholGiving up Vice for fasting
  2. Sweets
  3. Carbs
  4. Dairy
  5. Soda of any kind
  6. Sugar

Now don’t go crazy – you don’t have to give up any of these items actually. I just know if the results you desire are “overnightish” then this will definitely speed up the process – I mean by like 2 or 3 fold. You aren’t going to be eating much anyway, why not just change up the entire game…right?

Go time – Intermittent Water Fasting

OK – if your ready to start with this lifestyle change, here we go. There are a good deal of intermittent water fasting philosophies out there and everyone has their own idea of them. I used the knowledge I gained and made a hybrid model myself. I found it the most beneficial and best way to keep my sanity. I have always drank 8 oz of black coffee in the morning and this doesn’t hurt toward anything more than your ego. If you really want to “water” fast be my guest and just drink water. The benefits of a cup of coffee outweigh the water notion in my mind, again this is my opinion. Below is a typical day of how I intermittent fast now.

Water fasting benefits
chugging water for water fasting
  1. Morning – 8oz black coffee
  2. water, water, water
  3. 2 pm – 100-150 calories (like an apple)
  4. water, water, water
  5. 6-8 pm – 500-600 calories (or whatever calorie deficit you are going with)

This is pretty simple stuff. Remember to drink water, and a lot of it. You will be getting hungry and your body will need something to satiate the routine of eating. Don’t over drink on water, it can make you sick. I however have never had this happen. A little fasting hack is to drink sparkling water. It makes you feel like you are filling up on calories but there are none.

So morning, drink your black coffee. Drink water throughout the day, all day. Wait til at least 2 pm to eat any food, I know I said to cut out sugar and yes and apple does have sugar just don’t go over board. Dinner I will eat something very high in fat content and low carbs, like a steak or something similar. I will go more in depth on intermittent fasting in a later post, but this is the bones of the beast, and this will get you started.

Remember not to Forget

Keep track of your trials and tribulations. This is something I wish I would have done from the start. Keeping track of your progress will steer you on the right path and keep you accountable to your goals. I suggest the following when tracking any type of fasting Daily weight loss/gain.

  1. Log of water intake
  2. Log of calories and food
  3. Log of workouts
  4. Daily journal log
  5. Daily or weekly pics of your body (who knows when you will be this skinny again)

Accountability is Action

Fasting action
Action in fasting

Holding yourself accountable to what you set out is action. Again I urge you to start this right now. Pick out a time and start. Make it small goals, and go from the there. The seed has been planted – future non eater person. But on the reals, it is simple – the hardest yet simplest way for an addict to quit popping pills is what? Just put the damn bottle down, extremely binary answer for a binary problem. I didn’t say it was easy, but nothing worth it ever is. The human mind is capable of much more than what one thinks.

Act today; not tomorrow, because tomorrow isn’t real.

Again, this isn’t some crazy regimen I got from a guru. I have just gathered information from what I find beneficial and how I like expressing the benefits of water fasting. This is a good start and I hope I covered most of the beginner questions and concerns with starting to fast. I will be diving deeper into other areas of the fasting realm later on.

If you like what you have read, please leave a comment below. If you have any tips or hacks of your own feel free to post there as well. And most importantly if there is something you have a question about or would like to see a post about please throw that down there as well.

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri


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  1. Paul

    Hi, Nic. This is awesome. I’ve been wanting to try fasting for a long time, but never got around to it! I’m starting in the morning, thanks to you! Reading your post has got me fired up. I’ll update you with my progress. I’m really looking forward to this. Many thanks, Paul BTW, I have book-marked your website, so I should find my way back again 🙂

    • admin


      This is great news! I am glad this got you fired up, it is my intent entirely to kick start some engines. I would love nothing more than for you to keep me updated on your trial run. Water fasting is truly life changing and I believe you will see the benefits also.

      I appreciate the kind words and am grateful for you book marking us! If you have any questions please shoot them my way! 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Daniel

    Thank you a lot for this awesome tips. I look to lose some weight and this would be perfect for me. I like to drink water and it is not a problem to fast with it. I will follow your advise and introduce some exercises in my daily routine  because I always wanted to avoid exercise which is not good at all.

    • admin


      Thanks for stopping by and I hope this does inspire you to complete a water fast, it is so mind cleansing. And the workout and exercise will come with it. The clarity and energy you will have is crazy. The workout part will become second nature.

      If I can help you with anything along the way, let me know! Thanks again for the interaction.



  3. Barbara

    Hi, Nic! Great post you have there. I have never had an issue with my weight and I consider myself lucky.  There must be something in genes too. I don’t consume sugar and I don’t drink soda. That doesn’t mean I will not have a piece of cake and a drink at a birthday party. Water fasting is something I do once or twice per month just to get toxins out of my system.

    Take care!


    • nic


      Thanks for stopping by! I think you can consider yourself lucky if you want, but it sounds to me like you take care of your body and diet habits. That isn’t luck, that is devotion to creating a good and healthy lifestyle. With the mix of fasting and no sugars, you have optimized your life more than most will in a life time! Thanks again for reading.



  4. Rachel

    Hello. This was a very interesting read. I’ve never heard of water fasting. At first I thought of it as only drinking water between certain times. This thought was scary to me. But now that you told me that drinking water will satisfy your hunger is more like it. 

    I do know it will be hard for others at first. When you start to drink a lot of water, you’ll end up in the restroom a lot during the day & at night. Which can affect your sleep. Your body will get used to it after you keep it up!

    • Nic


      Thanks for the read.

      Water fasting is a great way to achieve success in many areas including but not limited to weight control. As far as the potty breaks go…yes this will take some getting used to. Even after a day or so you will still be visiting the little girls or boys room frequently.

      Thanks again for contributing to The Fasting Place.



  5. Sondra M

    Hi Nic,  As I commented on your beginner’s post, I am exploring the benefits of fasting.   Just eliminating soda, sugar and coffee creamer from my diet is going to be a bit challenging.   At this exact second, I find myself wanting to delay until maybe this weekend.   I know, I know….    

    What kinds of mental clarity benefits can I potentially achieve from fasting?   

    Thanks in advance, 

    • Nic


      Thanks again for checking out the site!

      It is always good to have a plan in mind. Whether that be putting it off a couple days or acting NOW as long as you hold yourself accountable…right?

      As far as mental clarity goes, it will eliminate “brain fog” dramatically. You mind won’t be fixated on food and sugars, you mind will become a little more free. 

      For me it was sharpness and aptitude that I saw increase dramatically. The energy levels are up and that makes it easier to focus on what I am needing to at that specific moment.

      I appreciate you stopping by and thanks again!



  6. Karen

    Thanks for the article Nic.

    Since being diagnosed with cancer in 2015, I’ve been on a journey of eating healthy cancer fighting foods. Some of the protocols suggest fasting, but I have been skeptical since none of the sites I visited went into as much detail as you have,

    I think I’m ready to start this new journey thanks to your article.

    Btw, are you aware of a protocol for detoxing through fasting?

    Thanks again,


    • Nic


      Thanks for stopping by The Fasting Place. And I am sorry to hear about your battle with cancer – there is no other way to put it than CANCER SUCKS, BIG TIME.

      Tackling it head on is all a person can do, I see you have taken that approach and Godspeed to you!

      Fasting will indeed help you detox. You might being told it is a protocol, it is just something that will naturally happen when fasting. Because fasting pretty much means detoxing your body of EVERYTHING. You are spot on with this. 

      As far as a diet is concerned, have you heard of the keto diet? I feel this diet has healing properties to all illness and sickness, even cancer. It is my personal opinion however. It has to start somewhere right? Check this article about keto and fasting we posted a while ago, it may be of some use!



  7. andrejs

    Your post is for me right in time. Maybe I am a little off the topic, but anyway. Act today; not tomorrow, because tomorrow isn’t real.This advice is exactly what I need. I’m not about eating or dropping overweight, but about smoking. I don’t have to wait for tomorrow or Christmas, but I have to do it right now. I’ll do it right now, I won’t smoke anymore. Thank you.

    • Nic


      I am glad to hear that this post has provided you with some urgency. Tomorrow really does never come, acting is the first step in getting in the right direction.

      Water fasting will help you to quit anything, you should give it a try. Not just for losing weight but it really can boost your metabolism, start autophagy and get the ball rolling with total transformation. 

      Check out this article about autophagy, it may help you with your smoking!



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