Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer Review

Product: Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium Waste Trimmer
$20.95 – $30.95
Cheapest Place to Buy:
5 unique sizes
10 out of 10

I wear a Waist Trimmer Belt

I have always worked out with a waist trimming belt, at least since junior high. Maybe not for the reason most people wear one. I had experienced a severe lower back injury when I was younger and have always bought a waist trimming belt for all of my athletics since. I really used it just as security, as it had little to no support on my actual back.

As time moved on, I consistently wore a waist trimming belt. Trying out different belts all the time. Ranging from name brand to cheap ones from a retail store. As I got older, I started using the trimmer belt for what it was intended for. To lose some belly weight and sweat more. I still wear a belt for security of my back issue however.

The older I become and the less amount of time I have to workout, the more I care about quality of what products I am using. In all aspects of going to the gym. Shoes, workout clothes, headphones, drinks, pre-workout and recently the Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer. Sports Research has come out with yet again another great rendition to a classic – I will never buy a different belt again.

Quality is Insane

The Sweet Sweat waist trimmer stands out for an array of reasons. The first thing I noticed was the physical quality. This belt is durable and built to last. I really just gave this belt a try, it had great reviews and the price was right…what would I lose? Hopefully some belly fat.

Let’s dive into the construction of the Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer

Latex Free – Neoprene
Very sturdy and has a latex free neoprene inside. This induces sweating tremendously. The neoprene also has the unique ability to repel sweat. This product is different, in that it won’t get your clothes completely soaked with sweat…a plus.

Double Velcro
The belt has double Velcro for an extended life. I have had this belt for four months and use it regularly. Still, in great condition. The Velcro is a heavier duty Velcro than most trimmer belts, I can attest to that. The double Velcro makes it so there is little bunching and no “coming undone”.

Overlock Stitching
The overlock stitching provides a little more comfort than trimmers in the past, in my opinion. And personally the overlock system looks cool, has a great aesthetic presence that most belts don’t have. This makes it more “fashionable to wear it over the clothes if you don’t like the contact to the skin.

I was extremely impressed how much this actually supported my lower back. I didn’t buy this belt with any intention of support, more for the sweating. I was surprised to note this doubles as some support. It isn’t like a weight belt by any means, but it works for what I need. Very impressed.

5 Different Sizes

The waist trimmer comes in 5 different sizes. This is unique to the waist trimmer game. Ranging from small to XXL this belt is for everyone looking to shed some poundage.

  • Small – 8″ x 35″
  • Medium – 8″ x 41″
  • Large – 9″ x 46″
  • XL – 10″ x 51″
  • XXL – 10″ x 60″

Five different sizes for every shape and size. This is a great step up in the waist trimmer world. I will note to you that you should order a belt smaller than what you think. I did a little research before ordering mine, and I figured on a large. After reading reviews I went with a medium. I am glad I did, because honestly I could of even done a “snug small”.

So with all products, especially new ones – their are some downsides. There really isn’t many to name, but they are worth noting.

What’s Not to Like

I really don’t have much bad to say about the Sweet Sweat Premium waist trimmer. There are a couple things that I wish they could figure out however in the waist trimmer world. And this one is no different.

Not Machine Washable
The biggest problem I have with any waist trimmer is that they aren’t machine washable. Most of this is due to the composition of the product. The easy fix is to just spray it off in the shower.

They Run Big
The reviews aren’t kidding when they say “buy a smaller size”. I went smaller than what I originally thought and I was still close to getting the wrong size. Just get a smaller size than you think, simple fix.

I haven’t the issue of being allergic to neoprene. But if you are in fact allergic to neoprene or have sensitive skin, I suggest you put this product outside of your clothes ONLY.

The Gel
They send you a free “gel” (they did with mine anyway) and it really does induce sweat. The problem is that it really isn’t much, maybe enough for one or two workouts. But hey, it’s a free sample.

Before you head off to check this belt out, I will leave you with a few more highlights of the Sweet Sweat premium waist trimmer.

Sleek and Easily Hidden

The design that they have come up with over at Sports Research is truly one for fashion. Let’s face it a waist trimmer can be bulky and add unwanted bulk to your look. I know going to the gym isn’t always about what you look like…

or is it? <===Again, let’s be honest.

This is very slim and is hardly noticeable under clothing. The great thing about the Sweet Sweat Premium Waste Trimmer is that it can easily go over your clothes as well. The neoprene will stick to the clothing as well as skin. This product actually looks like it “belongs” if you decide on the outside of the clothes.

The waist trimmer has two different color options, yellow and pink. There is a nice looking logo on the trimmer as well. The comfort ability of the belt makes it easy to forget about, honestly. Usually with all of my other previous escapades I would always end up taking the belt off toward the end of my workout for one reason or another. Not with this one.

What to Expect with the Waist Trimmer

This belt came with a sample of their sweet sweat gel, which was great because I got to try out their product. This product does induce sweating, but really isn’t necessary at all. It also comes with a handy bag to store your waist trimmer belt in. I actually use the bag for my headphones and stuff – either way you get a free bag with it. They really stand by the product, love seeing that.

Why the Sweet Sweat Trimmer?

This belt is above most in this space. Especially for the price, you just can’t go wrong. I have gone through probably easily 100 waist trimming belts since I began wearing them 15 years ago and up to this point they have all been…meh. This belt really is a nice sleek and practical design that serves as a great intro to getting that belly slim. More importantly this gets sweating going quickly.

There are plenty of reasons to give the Sweet Sweat premium waist trimmer a try. I am an experienced waist trimmer belt wearer (if that isn’t a tough guy “kind of thing” to claim to be!). I have been down the road of throwing away belt after belt for various reasons.

Overall I give this belt at 10 out of 10

Until they come out with the “next best thing” in the waist trimmer world. The Sweet Sweat Premium Waste Trimmer by Sports Research has my vote, hands down.

I like to get down to the black and white of everything. The bottom line is that this is a quality product. For this product flirting in the 20$ range, it’s a no brainer. You can’t even buy a pair of workout shorts for that kind of money.

Give it a shot, if nothing else – it will make you sweat!

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





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  1. Heather

    I was looking for this kind of waist trimmer belt for a long while, but all the reviews I found were mostly general. So I really appreciate that you were very specific and gave lots of details here.

    Now, the thing is that I’m not a huge fan of exercising and working out. I also have some health issues which prevent me to move as much as I would. Do you think I could use this belt successfully without making a lot of movement or working out?

    • Nic


      Thanks for the great question. This belt is intended to make you sweat. I would say moving or working out will obviously induce this process much faster. However I think once you start sweating the belt will work wonders constricting and keeping the perspiration going. I do think it would benefit you.



  2. Veronica

    Hi Nic,

    Have you seen any personal results using this waist trimmer? Also, when you exercise wearing it, is it very comfortable or do you feel like you can´t perform some moves at all? Do you sweat a lot when you wear it? 

    In other words, if you don´t mind me asking, I would like a little more insight on what has been your personal experience using the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer. What do you love the most about it and, what do you dislike the most about this particular waist trimmer?

    • Nic

      Veronica thanks for the great questions,

      It is a bit of something to get used to. But as I stated I really enjoy the little support it gives. And the mobility factor is hardly noticeable. I will wear this the entirety of a work out.

      As far as losing weight in the “belly” region… for sure! This slowly diminishes the body fat…literally. 

      I like the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer because of the durability and the functionality. I guess if I had to downgrade the product it would be the lack of knowledge for sizing. 



  3. Kim Wolfe

    Hi Nic,

    Thanks for this review. I have never used a waist trimming belt before. Do these really work? Will I really sweat in the belly area and burn fat there? I like the idea of having support, even though it’s not intended for that. But also for a reminder to stand up straight. Since you use it for support, could this belt help me with posture as well?



    • Nic


      I used this belt mainly to get the sweat going. I sometimes will take it off as I get rolling in a run or workout. As far as support it gives more than one would think, although not intended for that. 

      As far as posture I think it would help, but minimally. Might be more of a reminder than actual support.

      thanks for stopping by!


  4. stefan

    Hi, I use waist trimmers for a long time my self.

    I actually use them because I ride the motorbike a lot and need to keep my kidneys warm. I now saw this review and thought if it might be a good idea to use a Sweet sweat premium waist trimmer for this purpose, hit two flies with one hit so to say 🙂

    I’m not getting younger and some belly fat has added over the years.

    • Nic


      Great stuff man! That is a great idea for riding on a motor bike, I never thought of that. And yes I do believe this would be a great addition to that kind of extra curricular activities.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Michael

    Thanks for this awesome review of sweet sweat waist trimmer. It seems like it both comfortable and a effective way to help keep your stomach slim.

    It actually reminds me of those belts people make that vibrate when you put on, to help you tense up your abdominals and lose fat.

    I’m not sure if I missed it, but I’d fhis belt mainly to help people lose fat, stay slim, support the back, or all the above?

    Either way it looks very cool and is something that I’d like to try.

    Thanks again for this review.

    • Nic

      Thanks for stopping by Michael,

      I use this trimmer for losing belly fat. It was an added feature that is gave me support. 



  6. Alice

    Hi Nic, thank you for sharing review of Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer.

    My nephew who is keen on losing some fats especially on his belly area has tried several waist trimmers already. Unfortunately, he has not found the waist trimmer that is best suited for him. The problem he always had with those brands  is that while they are effective in inducing sweat, he often complained of the discomfort because his body gets really wet and sticky. There have been times also when he developed some skin allergies.

    Before recommending this product to my nephew, I’m just wondering if we can exchange it in case we order the wrong size. I know you said we should go for a smaller size but just in case we end up ordering the wrong size, is there a chance we could exchange it? Isn’t this waist trimmer adjustable?

    By the way, I just thought it’s weird that the sweet sweat premium waist trimmer come only in yellow and pink colors. Seriously?

    • Nic

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Yes this trimmer has been more of a safety net than anything. Really helps the sweating process as well. You can return this product, like any other product on Amazon. The time it takes may be a bit longer than usual. I never had to return the item.

      I would suggest getting on the review page on Amazon and see what they are saying. Sorry I couldn’t be much help on that front. 

      And the color thing, I agree.



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