Superhero Workout and Diet #1 -Thor “Back” Basics

Inspiration From a Young Age

It was 1990-something when I was growing up as a kid in the Midwest, and superheros were my first ever introduction to a built, shredded put together bad ass of an ultra human. Growing up I looked up to superheroes, I wanted to emulate them. Whether it be from my extensive comic book collection involving Venom, Batman and Spiderman to watching Thundercats on Saturday mornings – I wanted to be them.

Thor Superhero Workout
Superhero workout and diet

As I grew into a young man, I realized what it would  take getting a physique to resemble any superhero…hard work and dedication and a lot of it! I transitioned my childhood passion from comics and cartoons quickly to the modernization of Hollywood movies. Then as I become an actual “adult person thing” – you know with kids and a job, it wasn’t quite as easy…like at all.              

“growing up I looked up to superheroes”

This will be the first of a series of superhero workouts that I have personally adapted with a unique spin on how to workout, when and what to eat as well fasting techniques to hack into shape.

Gut Check Time

When you are short on time, money and metabolism it may seem like there is no way in hell of getting back into shape or to look like a superhero. I am here to tell you that you are wrong…very wrong. With a strong will, steady workout routine and a couple hacks, this is achievable for ANYONE.

So…if you want a fast way to a superhero body, here are the questions to ask yourself.

  • Why? What reason drives you to want to resemble said superhero
  • Who are you wanting to resemble in the realm of heroes (the fun part)?
  • How much time are you willing to dedicate to this?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice for the Superhero Workout and Diet? (obviously this is rhetorical)

And finally, do you want getting that physique in half the time it would normally take? This post may be for you then, because that is what this is all about!

This post specifically will get you all the information you need to take action to resemble the physique of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. The rest is up to you!

Common Sense for Uncommon Results

Before we get started down the road of pure shreddedness let’s get on the same page. You can resemble the superhero of your dreams, but let’s use our head just a bit. If you want to look like Dwayne Johnson you will at least need to be 6’5″ and have a slight genetic relation to a bear. In essence pick a workout and diet that suits your body type…Fair?

                                                                       “Pick your Superhero – it’s time to suit up!”

Superhero Diet and Workout
Cast of Superheroes

When deciding what superhero you want to resemble (I am sure you already have that person in mind), ask yourself “Why?” Do you like the “V shape” that a particular superhero has, do you like the nice toned legs of Wonder Woman? Are you wanting a massive chest like Chris Evans as Captain America or are you wanting to be toned down to a beach body vibe like Zac Efron as Matt Brody in Baywatch? Pick your Superhero – it’s time to suit up!

Time to Suit Up! – You, Me and the Binary 4:3
Now that you have decided what superhero physique you are going for Let’s get down to it. I am going to reveal a simple fasting regimen mixed with yet again a simple workout to mimic the body of your dreams. I will also throw in a few more hacks in each instance to speed up the process even more. Simple to understand, dedication to the diet is a must to succeed.
                                                                                        “Simple to understand”

The Binary 4:3 is a workout parameter that I have adjusted over time of how I like to train getting fast results and getting super hero jacked. The “4” is for the amount of exercises you dedicate to the physique itself. And the “3” is the for the exercises to follow that are done on a daily basis regardless of the dedicated exercises. It will be simplified as we move on.

This is the super secret Binary 4:3 to the way I workout like a superhero. Keeping it simple and to the point, the easiest way to getting results.

Superhero Workout
Incredible Hulk Diet

The Binary 4:3

  1. Focus on 4 exercises dedicated to the desired physique
  2. Arm workout
  3. Ab workout
  4. Cardio

The “Chris” Battle – workout edition

Gonna start with two of the most sought after physiques in the world right now. Chris Hemsworth as Thor from The Avengers series and Chris Evans as Captain America. I just can’t stay away from the ever popular “Chris Battle”. When it comes to these two superheros, I would say there is no loser. It just depends on what look you are after.

In this first edition of Superhero Workout and Diet we will be throwing the hammer down in gym of Asgard. Buckle up time getting that Thor physique going.

Thor – The God of “Lats”

If you are looking getting the classic body building “V shape” this is the workout for you. It is a “not so fun” workout because of the exercises that are involved but the turnout is by far the best across the board. This is a slow and steady workout, focusing on very hard exercises done precisely. Focus more on form and not repetition.

                                                                               “Focusing more on form”

I have found the Thor workout to be the most challenging and most beneficial at the same time. If you want a big back and a physique like Thor, this is the workout to follow…bar none.

Thor - Workout
Thor – Workout and Diet

Starting a back workout regimen keep in mind the various types of workouts you can do each time it is your “Thor” day. I have labeled and plugged in four of my favorites for an example (below paragraph). You can always change up the exercises within the workout for you back. I actually would encourage you to do so. By doing this will keep the body on edge with the changing of exercises, and more importantly it will make it more exciting getting to the gym.

Thor Workout (2x a week)

  1. Wide grip pull-ups – 4 sets x 10 (or until exhaustion)
  2. Lat pull downs – 4 sets x 8
  3. Bent over rows – 4 sets x 8
  4. Dumbbell Shrugs – 4 sets x 8-12

And then follow the core workout with the daily routine below (the 3)

Thor - Hemsworth and back
Wide Back – Thor – workout and diet


  1. ab workout – 100 – 300 reps
  2. Arm Workout – Arm workouts below in post
  3. Cardio – run at least 2 miles, or get the heart rate going for one mile on treadmill or outside.

Thor Workout Summary

This workout from start to finish will take you anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours. It really depends on how hard you want to go. Starting by doing cardio and getting a light sweat and get the blood flowing is my suggestion. Then jump into the workout, completing each of the physique targeted exercises first.

Then move to your arm workout and abs to finish up. If you want to workout on the “non Thor” workout days, use the same principles of targeting a different body part with the same The Binary 4:3 in mind. For example if it was leg day for you –

  1. Squats – 4 sets x 10
  2. Calf Raises – 4 sets x 8
  3. Leg Press – 4 sets x 8
  4. Barbell Lunge – 4 sets x 8-12
  1. Ab workout – 100 – 300 reps
  2. Arm Workout -Bicep curls/ Tri pull-downs
  3. Cardio -2 mile jog on treadmill

Thor Workout Highlights

As far as the actual exercises themself, you can change them up as you continue with your progression to Thor. The wide grip lat pull ups are the only exercise I would say you need to keep on the list. The lat pull downs will emphasize that “V-shape” and is more so for the lats specifically.

Thor DB workout
dumbbell workout for Thor

The bent over rows will again be for the the lats as well. However the bent over row will focus more on the middle of the back. And the shrugs are for the rhomboid. If you aren’t wanting big shoulders you can mix in another back exercise. I like keeping all of the above available to tinker with and figure out what works best for me.

To look like Thor may be the easiest of the regimens to follow. The hard part is the actual exercises themselves. Pull-ups aren’t easy for anyone. And back exercises can be dull. But if you want to look like Thor, this is the fastest way to do so with a solid diet. There may be only 5 bullets but they are deeper than just a number. Mixed with this Thor workout twice a week and you will be happy you started throwing the hammer down! Now to keep those veins popping and that sleek look, what to eat.

Thor and his Nordic Diet – Catered to Your Body Type

How it would be nice to eat like a God of Thunder. Well, we can come close or at least a diet that will sustain our yoked back. The diet you will take will be different pending on your current situation. You many be a bit skinny or over weight, your metabolism might be slower or faster. These are elements you will want to consider when starting this workout.

Body types
Body types

There are three body types – Mesomorph, Endomorph and Ectomorph. There isn’t a body type that is necessarily “better” than the other. Just relate to one of the below body types to align with the fast and diet if you want getting results faster.

Thor Fast and Diet for the Mesomorph Body Frame

This mesomorph body type may be the most genetically gifted as far as building muscle and staying fit. The mesomorph frame will have results quick due to a fast metabolism and a great genetic make up. The mesomorph body type will be able to put muscle mass on easily.

If this sounds like you, follow the diet and fasting regimen below mixed with the above Thor 4:3 workout.

Keeping with what you are naturally eating throughout the day and minimizing the calorie intake may be all you need to do if you are a mesomorph frame. If you want to speed it up a bit follow these 4 bulleted items to speed up the workout.

4 hacks to Thor faster with a mesomorph frame

Salad bowl
salad bowl with fatty foods
  • Intermittent fast (wait til 2 pm to eat any calories)
  • Eat high fats (Keto diet)
  • Very low carb
  • Drink a lot of water

Thor Fast and Diet for the Ectomorph Body Frame

The endomorph body type will gain weight easily. Having this body type has pros and cons just as anything in life. You can gain muscle mass quickly…the good. The bad…you gain fat just as easy. If you want the “Thor V” with this body type the diet will be just as important if not more than the workout.

If this sounds like you, follow the diet and fasting regimen below mixed with the above Thor 4:3 workout.

4 hacks to Thor faster with an endomorph frame

  • Intermittent fast (wait til 2 pm to eat any calories)
  • Try to eliminate sugar from your diet
  • Stick to a Paleo type diet (caveman diet)
  • Drink water of courseThor Fast and Diet for the Ectomorph Body FrameThe ectomorph body type will have the opposite struggles when packing on the pounds. And ectomorph by nature is long and lean with a high metabolism and has difficulty putting weight on. Specifically putting on muscle mass. Again the diet will be a role in this process of super hero shredfest.

If this sounds like you, follow the diet and fasting regimen below mixed with the above Thor 4:3 workout.

4 hacks to Thor faster with a ectomorph frame

  • Intermittent fast (wait til noon to eat calories)
  • High fat and high protein for all meals
  • Eat a fatty snack before bed, like a pure chocolate bar
  • Drink plenty of water and protein drinks if desired

Superhero Workout and Diet #1 – Thor summary

I tried to pack this post full of information getting you the back that will make you have to buy new shirts. I hope you found this post helpful and more importantly, useful. I didn’t go into extreme detail on much of the exercises or actual meals, so if you have questions about some more exercises, meal prep or anything related to the above, please let me know in the comments below.

Fasting and working out are both passions of mine that go hand in hand. With a few key principles and some diligence on the fasting side, you can hammer your way to a superhero body.


Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





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  1. Bhavik Mistry

    Great article. I love the Superhero theme. When you’re growing up you want to be one so why not keep that sentiment as an adult. I’m looking to shed some weight myself and will absolutely take what you’ve said on board particularly the exercises required for a Thor body. Gotta hammer it out! QQ- are there any protein supplements you would recommend?

    • Nic

      Thanks for taking the time to digest the Thor workout! And I agree sometimes you just gotta throw the hammer down. As far as protein supplements – there is an array of different types. Whether you are looking a protein/whey shake option – or a pill. I would suggest any form of whey protein that you can mix up. My favorite is natural protein, which in the case of building body mass, I would go with Tuna. Sparta Nutrition has some great products as well. Shoot me an email if you want anymore info!

  2. Todd Matthews

    This article really pumps me up because as a workout warrior and indie-author, I’m actually trying to resemble my own book’s hero, who’s inspiration has come a little bit from Thor, which is really cool. This is an article I’m definitely sharing with my social media followers, as there are a lot in my own networks who can benefit from such an article.

    • Nic

      Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the article and even more pumped you will be sharing it! That is awesome news! I will be posting various workouts about more superheros up and coming, let me know if you would like one catered to a specific one.

  3. Alison

    Very informative. I am not trying to look like THOR but I do intermittent fasting and it works. That coupled with lots of water and yes the weight comes off. Thanks for sharing

    • Nic

      Thanks for the kind vibes. I will be posting shortly an article that will cater to the females of the superhero world. That might work a little more in your favor.

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