Fasting Hacks – Simple but Overlooked

When you are wanting to transform yourself whether it be physically, emotionally or spiritually – it is a tall task. A transformation is something that takes dedication, it is a term described as a “dramatic change”. Nothing worth a damn in life comes free, and this relates to losing weight.

Losing weight is something that doesn’t come naturally for most. For most, it is obnoxious, hard work, and not fun at all. This all may be true but looking at it from a different perspective may be the key to get through it. A key, that although may be difficult is very attainable.

Fasting will boost you results tremendously. We are going to break down 10 simple but very useful fasting hacks to get you through a few days of intermittent fasting to start. These fasting hacks can be applied over a more extensive fasting experience as well.

Difficult is a relative term

Rock Climber

To get over fear and tackle the unknown…you just have to start the climb! Get over the idea of not eating for a few hours or a few days as “impossible”. This has been done for centuries and it actually can help you live a longer life. Fasting can clear gut problems, can increase energy levels, and boost mental clarity. So see this as a new experience, a new opportunity – and most importantly see it as moving forward as a human being by promoting you own health.

We will dive into 4 useful fasting hacks that come in handy when facing the hunger urge. These hacks are all mental games and are very useful to lose some unwanted weight. Below is a list of the 10 hacks being discussed, lets get into the not eating thing!

  1. Accountability
  2. Journal
  3. Light Exercise
  4. Stay Busy


It goes without really needing to say, but holding yourself accountable is how you need to start any fast. Whether you are just starting an intermittent trial run or a 5-day water fast, accountability is a must. Making sure you stick to what you set out for will help you to continue on.

I know for me I usually express to my wife my expectations before doing anything, especially fasting. This way I am holding myself accountable by telling her what my plan is. If I fall through on my expectations I will never hear the end of it, which is the entire point of accountability.

Starting out small and moving it forward a notch or two every time you start new. Or you can go the complete other route and shoot for the moon and see where you fall. This may be a bit more degrading because you more than likely fail the first time, but you have a good measure of what you are capable of. A great way to keep you goals in mind it to write it all down.

Journal – Write it Down

Holding yourself accountable is one thing but actually writing it down will solidify you intentions. Keeping a journal will keep you ambitious and feel like you are achieving something – well…because you will be.

I am fascinated with how much weight you can lose fasting in such a short period. When keeping a journal of a fasting trek I like to keep the following jotted down daily.

  • Weight

    Fast hacks, journaling
    Track your fasting progress

  • Hours of sleep
  • Hours I have went without eating (or countdown if you have set out for a specific duration)
  • Inches (waist, arms, neck and legs – I do this at the beginning and end)
  • How I am feeling
  • Intake of water in ounces
  • Workout details

These are just the items that like to jot down. Everyone will find something more important than the other. Just remembering to keep a journal will help you reflect when you are done. What worked, what didn’t – when you will be scheduling you next regimen. Another thing to keep you busy is to work out lightly.

Light Exercise

Light exercise may seem backwards if you aren’t eating at all, but it actually couldn’t be more beneficial to the end goal…depending on what that goal is. If you goal is to lose some weight and get healthier, then yes, light exercise will boost you results. If you are just challenging yourself to see how long you can go without eating (which would be a little

On a mission
On a mission

weird) but hey whatever – then maybe cut back on the light exercise.

When fasting I like to get in some very light cardio (like a mile on the treadmill at a slow pace) and then 45 min to an hour of some light lifting. I feel great afterward and oddly enough you can feel a boost in you exercise habits. For me it is great to go to the gym and not have heartburn…for reals.

Light exercise will speed up the weight loss process and it more importantly keeps you busy, that is the next hack on the list. Staying busy.

Staying Busy

Exercise is a great tool to stay busy, unfortunately you will probably not be able to exercise all day. Staying busy will most certainly keep you mind off of food. And honestly the first 1-2 days is by far the worst when transforming you body to a fasted state – whether it be intermittent or not.

It really is pretty easy for me to stay busy. Playing with kiddos, doing laundry, reading going on a jog or hike with my wife. These are few simple items that I am sure you can use you imagination to utilize.

Weird but True
Something I found oddly satisfying was cooking actually. This may see a bit weird but it is true. When was doing a longer fast I would cook for the fam and loved it. I would focus so much on details and really created some Julia Child masterpieces. The reason I am expressing this – it really doesn’t matter what you do to stay busy, just stay busy.

Simple and Successful

These may seem like overly simplified natural reactions but believe they aren’t. The natural reaction to not eating will be to…eat. Fasting is a mental game. Being able to hold yourself accountable for whatever reason you deem necessary.

You want

  • to fit in a dress
  • to lose that last little bit of belly fat
  • to gain more energy
  • to get chiseled like a superhero

It all starts with a vision and a goal in mind. Simple tasks done one step at a time will get you to the promise land. I encourage everyone to at least try intermittent fasting for a day or two. You will reap benefits you are thinking aren’t possible right now.

I encourage anyone to comment below on you fasting hacks or adventures, I look forward to the discussion. Until then,

thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





Superhero Workout and Diet #3 – Captain America

Welcome to America

When you think of The Avengers Captain America will always come to the front of your mind. Chris Evans portrays a bulky, chiseled and aesthetically perfect Captain America in this series. The idea behind the workout for Captain America is much more simple than most would think. This workout will focus primarily on upper body.

Captain America, Superhero Workout and Diet #3
Captain America

The Fasting Place version of the Captain America workout will be focused on the Chest with a little shoulder work. This upper body shredder is in opposition to the counterpart of the “Chris Battle”, Chris Hemsworth as Thor. The Thor workout is also upper body but focusing primarily on the back and shoulders. We have adapted a time saving classic workout mixed with the optimization of Chris Evans’ idea of a good workout.

It is no secret that Chris Evans isn’t a huge fan of the gym. You may be thinking but how when he looks like he does? The answer is pretty simple actually.

  • Make the time put in count
  • Follow a strict diet
  • Pump up the weight!

Again these points are no big secret, it is just following the elements to a “T” that is the hard part. Chris Evans also used intermittent fasting as well as short and long term fasting for his role as Captain America. We have adapted his diet and fasting routine to optimize results with this chest explosion of a workout.

If you’re wanting to get a new shirt wardrobe, then this is the workout for you. In this article you find the workout you are needing to get a buff chest…fast. We will go over some simple items to know before starting as well. Discussion of a couple supplements to boost your results. Last but not least we will throw in a great fasting regimen that will accompany this workout, optimizing every inch of success.

What to Expect in the Workout

This workout is intended to bulk up the chest and shoulders. I am not excluding women at all from this workout but it is targeted more at a Man’s “idea” of a great physique. To each their own, we are just happy to give the tools to get shredded. This workout will take a little over an hour if followed exactly how we lay it out.

We are completely fine with switching up any part of this workout as long as the core exercises are followed. We are big fans of adapting the workout to your specific needs, once you have found what works of course. If you have read any of the other Superhero and Workout Diet series we discuss the Binary 4:3. We will be using the Binary 4:3 for this Captain America workout as well. This will allow great rest days in between without burning out.

  • Below is a brief description of what the Binary 4:3 is. I will be referring to this term in the workouts below. You can click the link below to see more details if you want, just scroll down til you see the Hulk in the post.

The Binary 4:3

  1. Focus on 4 exercises dedicated to the desired physique
  2. Arm workout
  3. Ab workout
  4. Cardio

Helmet: check – Shield: check

When you are short on time, money and metabolism it may seem like there is no way in hell of getting back into shape or to look like a superhero. I am here to tell you that you are wrong…very wrong. With a strong will, steady workout routine and a couple hacks, this is achievable for ANYONE.

Captain America, Superhero workout and diet, Chris Evans
Captain America

So…if you want a fast way to a superhero body, here are the questions to ask yourself.

  • Why? What reason drives you to want to resemble said superhero?
  • Who are you wanting to resemble in the realm of heroes? (the fun part)
  • How much time are you willing to dedicate to this?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice for the Superhero Workout and Diet? (obviously this is rhetorical)

And finally, do you want getting that physique in half the time it would normally take?

This post may be for you then, because that is what this Superhero Workout and Diet series is all about!

Stand at Attention Soldier

You can resemble the superhero of you dreams, but let’s use our head just a bit. So, you want to look like Dwayne Johnson you will at least need to be 6’5″ and have a slight genetic relation to a bear. This workout will indeed work for anyone looking to change there physique, just note that results will vary – nonetheless with this workout will produce all “good variances!”

Soldier Salute, chris evans, superhero workout and diet
soldier salute

Captain America – Workout Overview

The Captain America workout will focus on two separate workout days. These days will each utilize the binary 4:3 program. These two days are more than enough for a weeks worth of workouts. I personally like working out four days a week when doing something total body. But when it comes to getting specific on building a niche physique it may require a couple extra days of rest. If nothing else just use some off days for cardio.

We have broken down 8 workouts into the two days for a complete upper body workout…of course mixed with the essentials. Feel free to break these exercises down after trying them and mix and match after a few weeks.

When Chris Evans was training for Captain America he actually only did 2 sets and 5 reps of everything. This isn’t a bad idea if you are going extremely heavy on the weights. It also helps if you are a freak in the genetics department. Chris didn’t like spending too much time in the gym, so he adapted the work outs to get the results he desired. With the right trainer, supplements and genes – he made this work. Being realistic and know that most of us don’t have any of these, we have made the workout more…”everyone” friendly.

Day 1 – Hybrid 4:3: Some Legs Mixed in

The first day has a mix of working the shoulders, chest and legs. Day 1 is a day to get the ball rolling. The workout is very straight forward. Make sure to stick with the reps that go along with the exercise. The idea is to build muscle mass and in order to do that the weight must be heavier than normal. So if you can easily do more than the suggested reps, add some iron!

Chest and Legs (Using variation of the Binary 4:3)

  1. Standing Military Press – 4 sets x 8-6
  2. Incline Dumbbell Bench – 4 sets x 8-10
  3. Kettlebell Thrusters – 4 sets x 8
  4. Wide Grip Bench Press – 4 sets x 8

And then follow the core workout with the daily routine below (the 3)

  1. ab workout – 100 – 300 reps (any way to get the reps in)
  2. Arm Workout – Any arm workout you see fit
  3. Cardio – Treadmill for 2 miles or 15-20 min

Feel free to click on any of the above workouts to see them in action. We will give some brief important notes pertaining to the exercises below.

Captain America, Superhero workout and diet, Chris Evans
Chris Evans posing

Standing Military Press
This is called a military press because you are supposed to be standing “at attention”. Keep your feet together under your shoulders. This will feel a little awkward because naturally a person stands a little wider than their frame. Keep your head straight, you should have to tilt your head out of the way in order to properly press the weight for a rep.

Incline Dumbbell Press
Set your incline bench to at least a 45 degree incline, feel free to move one below if you would like. The idea behind the incline press for this specific workout is to explode at the right time. Take the dumbbells down under control and explode up to the top. Pretty common sense stuff, just want to be on the same page.

Kettlebell Thrusters
We like kettlebell workouts here at The Fasting Place. They are unique and really work the entire body. Standing in an upright postion place a kettlebell in each hand. Have the bell facing the back, hold them like you would be squating. You are going to squat under control and then explode up, pressing the kettlebells above your head (much like a military press).

Wide Grip Bench
Using a bench press place your hands slightly wider than you normally would. Feel free ot widen them out a bit if you want. We do have flys in the next workout, so it isn’t necessary to get too wide.

This Day 1 workout is killer and one of our favorites to do. This is a great workout to throw into any routine you are currently doing. On to Day 2.

Day 2 – Chest, Chest and More Chest

A much more “chest” focused day. Remember to have at least one rest day between these two days. I would suggest even two rest days between. This workout will have you feeling swollen…no really your chest will feel like it is going to explode. Like a good explode.

All things Chest (Using variation of the Binary 4:3)

  1. Close Grip Bench – 4 sets x 8
  2. Decline Press – 4 sets x 8
  3. Incline Push Up – 4 sets x 10-20
  4. Dumbbell Incline Fly – 4 sets x 6

And then follow the core workout with the daily routine below (the 3)

  1. ab workout – 100 – 300 reps (any way to get the reps in)
  2. Arm Workout – Any arm workout you see fit
  3. Cardio – Anything other than treadmill for 2 miles or 15-20 min

Feel free to click on any of the above workouts to see them in action. We will give some brief important notes pertaining to the exercises below.

Captain America, Superhero workout and diet, Chris Evans
Chris Evans

Close Grip Bench
Bring your hand in tight. You should have to consciously turn your elbows in to do this exercise right. This workout will require you to go a little lighter more than likely on weight. Close grip bench will target your inner chest and also will start your triceps on fire if done correctly.

Decline Press
This is a great workout and unique at the same time. Using a declined bench roll the bench into a squat rack and adjust accordingly for a nice decline press. If you don’t have access to this equipment just do regular flat bench press or mix it up with dumbbells.

Incline Push Up
Find a box or a bench in the gym. Simply do push ups on an incline. We have 10-20 because everyone will be a bit different with these. Just make sure to feel a little burn.

Incline Dumbbell Fly
Use about half the weight you would normally use for incline dumbbell press. Slightly bend your elbows, slowly widen out to make your arms parallel with your chest. Don’t do heavy weight or many reps with these. Injury can occur easily with these guys. If this scares you, just use a pec deck.

There you have it. The tools for the chest of your dreams. You will be buying bulk XL t shirts in no time. This is only part of the equation. Having a strict diet and a fasting regimen is a must with this workout. You will see results no matter what, but with some dieting and fasting – optimization will occur!

Food for a Captain

If you are looking to upgrade this workout then sticking with a diet and fasting regimen will help you get to the promise land. This diet is specifically for those ready to bulk up. If you are needing to lose a little unwanted fat…then obvisously tone it down a bit.

  • This diet can be achieved with some simple principles in mind.
  • Eat protein, and a lot of it
  • Eat every meal of the day (again add protein)
  • In between meals add in a protein shake or supplement
  • For dinner bulk up and eat chicken, and even more protein

Pretty easy to see the repeating theme. Protein, protein and more protein. If you have the bulk and could afford to shed some pounds stick with a more keto friendly approach and try intermittent fasting.

Intermittently Fasting with Keto

If you are looking to get the chiseled chest look and want to get there faster, stick with intermittent fasting. Don’t eat until 2 pm everyday. Feel free to make this a more protein targeted keto diet. This will help tremendously and you will see results almost instantly. Check out some key points of the keto diet by clicking!

Captain Summary – Is this for you?

Certainly this is for you! This work out is the “good ol American” workout. The simple workout can almost be done anywhere. This workout is easy to follow and easy to track progress. And truth be told, probably one of the more fun workouts for the results you gain.

If you have any insights, questions or adaptations to any of the above, we would love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





Philips XXL Airfryer Review: A Machine for the Family

Product: Philips XXL Airfryer 
$349.00 – $385.00
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Guarantee: One year warranty
Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The Airfried Journey

When starting down the healthy road there are many new ways to get distracted when it comes to cooking your food. I enjoy unique ways of cooking food with health benefits. I have smoked ribs, grilled anything under the sun and of course have used the oven. Just over the last year I had heard my friends trying out an “airfryer” not knowing what this was, I was intrigued. I hit the research trail.

I didn’t have to go very far to find an array of airfryers and a mix of reviews. Every product was claiming to be the “best” and had good backing with it. I had to figure out a way to narrow my search down. There is quite literally an aiffryer for every type of person. There are small air fryers, big air fryers. There are digital menu products, manual products etc., the list goes on and on. I imagine it to be like this when the first microwaves to come out.

I narrowed my search by using these metrics:

  • Something for a family of 4
  • Multiple settings for various foods
  • Price point
  • Quality
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Aesthetics

I found it pretty easy to narrow down once I had something to go off of. After my research I had come to one conclusion across the board and that was the Philips XXL airfryer. It had everything I needed, it was big, durable, easy to use and clean. Having many Philips appliances already, I knew it was a brand I could trust.


This airfryer was easy from the start. When it arrived it was packaged exactly how I like to see appliances. Very snug and plenty of precautionary padding throughout. The directions are simple and almost could have put this machine together without instructions. My four year old daughter and I put this bad boy together, it took us about 25 minutes. And that was after double checking everything. I have bought a couple different air fryers and this was by far the simplest to put together.

The assembly of this airfryer was easy and quick. After washing the accessories it came with we were able to use this the first night. I thought I would spend a night messing around with it before use, but I was wrong. The Phillips XXL Air Fryer comes with a bunch of useful features as well.


The features this product has are useful and very handy. Some airfryers that I have used in the past have very unnecessary features. I can honestly say I have used every feature the Philips XXL Airfryer has to offer. Below is a list of the great features.

  • Automatic shut-off
  • Cord storage
  • Digital touchscreen
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ready signal
  • Temperature control
  • Keep warm function
  • Recipe book & App
  • Preset program
  • QuickClean basket
  • Advanced Rapid Heat

Cord Storage
This may seem like a silly feature but it is actually extremely thoughtful. The cord storage is great for actually stowing away your airfryer when not in use. There is an actual compartment in the back that actual hides the cord from anybody seeing it. A big kudos to Philips on yet another innovation in the market.

Digital Touchscreen
The digital touchscreen just add that tech savvy touch it. The other airfryers that we have in the house are manual or push button, which honestly is fine. The digital touchscreen just adds an element of aesthetics that I enjoy and will be a nice touch if buying as a gift as well. It is one of the few on the market with this technology.

Keep Warm Funtion
This function may be the most useful function for busy families on the go. This gives you the ability to keep the food warm in case something comes up. If you are waiting for the spouse to get home from work; or if you need to put cooking on hold because of unfortunate mud puddle that made it’s way inside somehow with the kiddos.

Preset Program
Like I said this has an array of great features. I will go over a few of the ones I find most beneficial. My wife and I find the preset program extremely helpful. Once we have some basic meals in place we can set up a pre-set function for that meal. I know I have a preset for chicken nuggets and french fries, and all it takes is setting up that simple preset function. Super helpful.

The Perfect Machine

The Philips XXL Airfryer is a wonder machine for me and my family. The XXL part is the reason this machine is in our home. I have cooked a 5 pound chicken in this baby, with no problem. I have cooked up to 3 pounds of french fries and all sorts of various veggies.

Whether we are cooking a big meal (which we use the presets for) or something simple. Simple like a keto quesadilla snack. This is a great quick way to get a tasty meal. Below are even more great reason to go XXL and never look back!

  • Patented Rapid Air heat circulation technology works in conjunction with top grill to guarantee uniform cooking and browning.
  • Patented “starfish” design inside fryer ensures perfectly uniform heat circulation
  • Pull-out airfryer basket makes it easy to add and remove food
  • Oil pan, frying basket and inside of fryer have durable nonstick coating for quick, easy cleanup
  • Oil pan and basket are dishwasher safe
  • Includes airfryer basket and deluxe recipe booklet

The Bottom Line

I would suggest this arifryer to anybody that is on the go. The Philips XXL Airfryer is perfect for families. This product takes our 90% of the bad fatty oils and preserves all the goodness. Also, with this quality machine you get a one-year warranty along with around the clock support from Philips.

I have three airfryers now and this one is our go to. It cooks big meals with ease and the touchscreen is just a nice advancement in the industry. The Fasting Place gives the Philips XXL Airfryer an 9.5 out of 10.

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day

Nic Chiri





Quick Keto Snacks – 2 Fasting Place Faves

2 Quick Ways to Keep it Keto

Here at The Fasting Place we all have a bit of a snack fetish. A snack is usually something quick and can be eaten at the blink of an eye…at least that is how we see it. In order to get these quick snacks in without much prep is somewhat difficult when eating keto friendly. Most snacks are carb loaded and are usually filled with sugar. That is why prepping your cupboards and pantries with the keto snacking essentials is a good idea before the snack monster hits.

We are going to express our love for snacking while keeping it keto friendly. These recipes and quick tips can transform your snacking habit to a satiation sensation. Sometimes it is hard to stick to any diet let alone a totally new diet. By arming your kitchen with the essential ingredients, it can become Simple Simon. Most of these snacks you can pre-make and have on hand, which makes it even easier.

This snack packed article will dive into two of our favorite quick keto snacks. Get your grocery list ready, we will be changing up the kitchen scenery a bit.

Keto Egg, Feta and Bacon Muffins

These are one of our favorite go to for a keto snack. These bad boys are packed with flavor, fat and the best part is that you can pre make these and eat them cold or on the go. Let’s roll the ingredients out so you can start on that list

Keto Muffins
Keto Muffins



  • 6 eggs
  • 1/2 cup of feta cheese
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 5-6 ounces of bacon
  • 1 tbsp of Kerrygold grass fed butter


Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Chop up bacon in to 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch strips, stir in fryinpan with Kerrygold butter. While that gets delicious, whisk up 6 whole eggs add in 1/2 cup of feta and the salt. When your bacon is done pour all the bacon in your egg mix. I always keep the butter and juices in the mix, but feel free to strain if you want. Mix your egg mix with bacon until satisfied.

While your oven is still getting up to temp, get out a muffin pan (any size will do) and start pouring in your egg muffins. Leave an 1/8 inch or so from the top of the muffin pan, these puppies will expand a bit when cooking. Once your oven is to temp, place the muffins in and let ’em cook for 18-25 minutes. Keep an eye on them, you don’t wanna burn em and every oven varies just a little.

Serve however you want. Eat them whole, eat them warm or eat them cold.

How The Fasting Places likes ’em: Let cool for 20 minutes and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Eat cold, cut in half and sprinkle sea salt on each half. Then a drizzle of hot sauce – boom you have an amazing keto snack.

It is as simple as that. All in all this meal takes: 35 minutes

Prep – 15 minutes
Cook time – 20 minutes

The glory of these muffins is that you can refrigerate them and them for the coming days as snacks. Personally I like them cold and will take them to work for my 2 pm snack, these are a great filling snack on the go. My wife and I make these and take them when we go on hikes with the kiddos or at soccer games. Sure beats a 7$ hamburger at the fields. This is one of my favorite snacks. Let’s move on to what I like to call the “I am hangry snack”.

The Keto Quesadilla – Air Fried and Super Duper Simple

The keto quesadilla is a snack that has adapted over time, we love cheese and love the idea of quesadillas. Because they are delicious and easy – bottom line. This snack is a much easier snack to produce than the one above. This snack is like I said earlier the “hangry” snack. When you can’t take it anymore and food must enter the body.

We like to use an air fryer for this snack, but if you don’t have one…no problem. A microwave oven, skillet or even regular convection oven will do just fine. The great thing about the air fryer is it takes a lot of the oiliness of the cheese and quesadilla magically gets rid of it. The ingredients for the quesadilla recipe is extremely simple and can be altered however you want and is absolutely delish.

Keto Quick Snack
Keto Quick Snack


  • 1 Quesadilla Wrap our choice (Julian Bakery Gluten Free Paleo Wraps)
  • 1/4 cup of Mozarella Cheese (or cheese of your choice)
  • 1 tbsp of Kerrygold butter



Directions: Take quesadilla wrap and spread 1 tbsp of Kerrygold butter on outside of quesadilla. Next fill the other side of the cheese of your choice. Now that you have done that it is cooking time. Set your air fryer to 370 degrees Fahrenheit and place on the middle rack. Cook for 8-10 minutes and DONE!

Take out the masterpiece and add some hot sauce if you would like (we like hot sauce here). Feel free to mix it up and put an egg on it if you would like as well. You can even put some meat in there if you wanted. We left that out because that is more of a meal than a snack, but you get the idea.

keto and hot sauce
keto and hot sauce

Serve either folded in half and cut up to dip in to keto friendly sauce, or keep as a pizza style.

How The Fasting Place Likes ’em – Fold in half when done, drizzle some hot sauce and feta on top. More cheese please!

It is as simple as that. All in all this meal takes: 15 minutes

Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes

The greatness of this snack goes without saying. This can be done before an episode Dawson’s Creek is through the drama filled entry scene. And that is good enough for us!

Now Fill that Pantry

OK we have given you the tools for two of our favorite and easiest recipes to keep it keto. Quick keto snacks are a keto enthusiast’s best friend and we hope you find this article helpful. The recipes are simple and the grocery list is short. The ingredients can be found at any local market.

The two items that may be hard to find is the Kerrygold butter and the low carb quesadillas. By hard I don’t mean they are impossible to find, just have to look in various sections of stores. I know in the Midwest if you are familiar with Aldi, that is where we get it. If you are anywhere else, Hy Vee (another Midwest store), Trader Joes and Target carry it as well. We order the low carb quesadillas online, but you can just look for the lowest carb quesadillas and grab ’em.

If you can’t find these, it truly isn’t the end of the world. But I strongly urge you find them, there is a difference in taste and the carbs vs. fat ratio is maintained for the die hard keto fan.

Things to Remember – The Path Less Traveled

The keto snack world is new and exciting. These snacks are more than your average bag of chips. You will be filling up on these snacks as if they were meals, and sometimes can replace meals entirely. Your trip to the grocery store will evolve as well. You may have to stray off the beaten path.

You know that section where the white dude with dreadlocks is shopping? You will probably have to venture over there for every once in a while.

I hope you enjoyed this snack packed in and if you have any questions or comments about keto friendly snacks please start a conversation below. Snacks are our favorite part of fasting (hmm?), it’s true!

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





Perfect Keto Base Exogenous Ketones – A Supplement Review

Product: Exogenous Ketones – Base BHB Salts Supplement
$56.04 – $65.00
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Size and Amount Per Serving:
192g (15 servings)
30 day money back guarantee
9 out of 10

Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones: Base BHB Salts – Supplement Overview

Have you ever wanted to start a new diet, just to find out how confusing it is? Yea, we have all been there. Well the ketogenic diet is here to save your day…and time. This diet is simple and cheap to start and if you mix it with a little fasting, well then you have a match made in heaven. If you haven’t read my article on A Fast way to Ketosis: Does Fasting and Keto mix? click the link and get a brief overview.

If you are a veteran of the keto diet or just starting out, getting exogenous ketones is a must. The goal of the keto diet is to get to a state of ketosis. Ketosis is truly a blissful state and is something I encourage anyone to try. I have stated before that getting to a state of ketosis can be challenging. With a little help from some supplements it will speed up the process drastically.

When tossing around the idea of “going Keto” there isn’t a better way to start research than with Perfect Keto and the supplements that they offer. This company is one of the leaders in the ketogenic world with countless resources and some of the best products on the market. I am going to break down the Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones: Base BHB Salts Supplement.

In this review you will learn

  • What is an Exogenous Ketone?
  • Pros and Cons
  • This product and the Keto Flu
  • Should you buy this?

What is a Ketone? – The Short answer

There are a couple different types of ketones. Endogenous is a ketone created in the liver after a depletion of sugar. This form endogenous ketone or internal ketone, endo meaning internal is can be a result from fasting. An exogenous ketone is a ketone produced outside the body, Exo – meaning outside.

Understand this
When consuming this supplemental product be sure to understand that is will not solely take you to the promise land (ketosis). This product will in fact “supplement” the process, and believe me it does. Now we know the basic idea of a ketone, let’s move on.

Ultimate Benefits

This product sticks out to me because of how and who it was created for. This was developed by doctors and proven by science. The homework of this product has been done for you. Proven product with results. There are plenty of products that promise raising your ketone levels. This product actually does! I am proof.

Made for the fasting human
Besides the rapid increase in time it takes to ketosis this product has many benefits that I personally noticed outside of the “norm” it promises you, especially to the fasting community. This product above all suppresses appetite. Bar none the most important checklist item in my opinion to someone in a fast. Why not suppress your appetite while building up your ketones at the same time? – no brainer.

Weight Loss
I noticed slightly more weight loss when I first tried this product with a typical 2-3 day fast. It may be because of the suppression of appetite, but nonetheless I noticed a slight weight loss (1.5 pounds more in 2 days).

Focus – Mental Clarity – Energy
It’s no secret that being a state of ketosis heightens focus, mental awareness and energy. The Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones: Base BHB Salts Supplement speeds this process up by cutting the time in half, it did for me anyway. I noticed a difference in the first few hours of taking my first dose.


When it comes to supplements by biggest concern is the list on the back of ingredients. It has always been a “thing” of mine. I suggest you make it a “thing” as well. The more natural the better is my motto, and it doesn’t get more simple than these 3 ingredients. There is some flavor additive, but let’s not count that.

  1. Magnesium
  2. Calcium
  3. Beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB)

Great for the “Snacker”
It is human nature to attract yourself to food. For years, you have eaten on a schedule. When you fast or are on a calorie deficit it is hard to change that. I noticed right away the Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones: Base BHB Salts Supplement worked wonders. I went all day without being hungry…at all. This will vary of course, but for me…this was huge! The biggest issue most have with getting into ketosis is getting through the ever dreadful “keto flu”, well this is the saving grace.

Cons – The “not so good”

I say not so good because I wouldn’t consider it absolute “bad”. When I did my research on the product, the cons were the same I had…and it truly is a short list

When I tried this product the only flavor they had was chocolate. I am not a fan of chocolate anything so this was a concern before I even tried it. I mixed this with my coffee in the morning and didn’t even notice it. It really isn’t God awful, but the ketone itself, has a bit of a “unique” taste to say the least. Since I published this post, Perfect Keto has discontinued the Chocolate. Perfect Keto has come out with an array of flavors since then including:

  • Coffee
  • Peach
  • Salted Caramel
  • Vanilla

This may be a “con” that exits stage left.

If you have never reached full ketosis then you might not understand that headaches are common. And by speeding up the process it goes without saying you may experience a few frequent headaches starting out. Pretty simple concept. These headaches don’t last long – so hang in there.

I found that the dosage I needed was a little more than what was suggested. I started out with taking half of the recommended dosage and then upping after I found a thresh hold. Again this may be my personal experience, I am no doctor…they are.

Keto Flu – No More

I have been in ketosis a few times and every time I have experienced some form of “keto flu”. As I have progressed in my journey of ketosis, it has gotten better over time, however I have always had something. Whether it be a small headache or indigestion…something.

This product wiped my symptoms completely out. I didn’t have any issues. It truly is one of the best reasons I can suggest this product. Not having to deal with a keto flu, makes it that much more achievable – all thanks to Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones: Base BHB Salts Supplement

Should you buy this?


Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones: Base BHB Salts Supplement could taste a little better but overall it is absolutely worth trying. For half the price of most supplements in this category it is a no brainer. They also have a program to set up recurring supplements sent to you with discounts. If you like it, they reward you.

The price is right, the benefits pay for the product, the company is well respected in the industry – And they have tons of other useful hints, tips and tricks.

Bottom Line and where to snag it!

I give it and overall rating of 9 out of 10.

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





A Fast way to Ketosis: Does Fasting and Keto mix?

What is Ketosis?

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to Ketosis. Ketosis is a direct product from the ever popular Ketogenic Diet (keto Diet for short). Ketosis is defined in the dictionary as: a metabolic state characterized by raised levels of ketone bodies in the body tissues, which is typically pathological in conditions such as diabetes, or may be the consequence of a diet that is very low in carbohydrates (1). In other words – it is completely and totally unique at the genetic level.

Life Changing

Ketosis is a life changing event…yes I said event. I have been in ketosis a few different times, and it has many health benefits. My favorite benefit in the short term is the clearing of “brain fog” or just gives a person mental clarity as well as extended energy levels.

By implementing the Ketogenic diet into my fasting regimen, I have reaped the benefits of creating a fast way to Ketosis. Through many trial and error runs and experimentation with different diets and workouts, I have figured out what works for me. Throughout this article I am going to go into depth on how I have achieved Ketosis with the help of fasting and the keto diet.

I will be laying out the moving parts of ketosis, fasting and the keto diet in a way that should be easy to understand. More importantly this will allow you to start down you path to ketosis today. Before we get into how to achieve Ketosis, lets briefly go over the keto diet.

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

The keto diet has similarities to the paleo diet, if you remember that one. This diet consists of high fats and low carbs and protein. There are four (4) different variations to the keto diet. The most research done is on the Standard Ketogenic Diet or the SKD, this is the diet I will be focusing on. The other three keto diets are more targeted to a specific athlete type or someone to gain something specific. For example maybe a person wanting to gain muscle mass. I would encourage anyone to test out what they feel fits their specific lifestyle. To get an idea of the other three, I have listed them below along with the SKD.

Standard keto Diet (SKD)
75% fats – 20% protein – 5 % carbs

High Protein keto Diet
60% fats – 35% – 5% carbs

Cyclical keto Diet (CKD)
5 skd days followed by carb re-feeding

Targeted keto Diet (TKD)
Add in carbs around specific workouts

I know when I start out on a new diet plan, it always seemed to intimidate me. With specific numbers, percentages and strict schedules. The keto diet can seem intimidating but it truly is simple and binary. To achieve Ketosis, sticking with a high fat diet is a must. Having said that you don’t need to be in a state of “ketosis” for the diet to be effective or even to lose weight.


I like to relate everything within my posts to my personal experience. I find it easier to understand for readers andmakes it seem a bit more attainable – anybody can do it. When I started down the path to get into ketosis, I stuck with the regimen pretty strictly and I achieved my goal. I have loosened the reigns on my “keto diet” however. The goal behind the diet (in my mind) would be to lose weight, get in shape and have a better cognitive outlook. I don’t want to hate my life and be looking forward to a “cheat meal”. This diet will satisfy all of that.

The idea behind the diet is that this will create ketones. Ketones are another way for the body to burn energy. I would suggest that the majority of the population runs their energy source from carbohydrates. When the body has high ketone levels the body will start to burn fat instead of carbs, which is the beginning of ketosis.

Ketones have been used for years in medicine. Ketones create a reduction in blood sugars and insulin. Ketones get stored in the liver as fats and transfer to brain as a new type of energy.

Fasting and keto – The Dynamic Duo

Fasting has changed my lifestyle – for the better in so many aspects. I started fasting before I jumped on the keto train, which is somewhat backwards of the way some start. Fasting and keto were meant for each other. I like to talk about hacks to get in shape faster but this truly is the biggest hack of all.

The benefits of a keto lifestyle outweigh any other diet that I have been involved with, I may be biased but it works for me! I implemented intermittent fasting with the keto diet when I first started out to achieve ketosis at a faster rate. The reason fasting boosts the time frame up for ketosis is a few different factors

Autophagy, Fasting and Ketosis
These three terms go hand in hand. Autophagy is achieved quicker by fasting. When your body is in a state of autophagy it is much easier to get into ketosis. To achieve have some questions about autophagy read my article on autophagy here – How does Autophagy Work? – does it really matter? – spoiler – it does.

Fasting to Ketosis

This process can be simplified to understand the mechanics of the ketosis beast. I used intermittent fasting when on the keto diet. I describe intermittent fasting as not eating any calories until 2:00 pm. Then having a 100-150 calorie intake and not eating the bulk of calories until the evening; between 6-8 pm. This is the diet that I have adapted to my situation and it works for me. Playing around with the parameters is something you will find yourself constantly doing.

Disclaimer: “keto Flu”
In your run to get into ketosis – you may come across some unpleasant…feelings. There is what is called the “keto flu”. This will produce flu like symptoms when creating ketones. The main reason is because your body is so used to using carbs for fuel the body doesn’t know what is going on. It will make you want to give up, don’t. You can get through this by knowing this might happen. Just have to hang in there.

Keto Flu
Keto Flu

There are plenty of different types of fasting techniques and feel free to use whatever variations you want. To achieve are struggling with a fasting regimen check this article out – The Adaptable Intermittent 5:2 Diet?. This article will clear up the simplicity of how to fast.

When you are in ketosis everything in your body will change. You appetite will be suppressed, you will have extra energy. You will have lost significant weight (if you had some to lose). There are many factors when testing to see if you are in ketosis. Below I have compiled a list of the most common and free ways to check in on the ketosis. These are the key elements I used when testing.

  • Bad Breath
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Boost in Energy – like a giant boost
  • Mental Clarity
  • Digestion will be altered (short term)
  • Insomnia (short term)

    You can test for ketone levels more accurately with tests. These blood prick tests may cost about $30-40 but you can have the peace of mind knowing your levels. There is also urine strips you can you to check color in relation to ketone level. I prefer the “state of mind” way. And honestly my goat isn’t to have “exact” ketone levels. I want to change my lifestyle and it is achieved through this!

Is Ketosis and the Keto Diet for you?


I am a strong believer that everyone should try the keto diet at least one time. But their are some indicators to consider deciding if the keto diet is for you. To achieve simply aren’t a fan of foods with high fats, this diet may not be the right direction. To achieve are a vegetarian or vegan this will be challenging for you as well due to the diet choices. To achieve are an elite athlete or ultra athlete you may want to reconsider the keto diet.

You can always adapt the keto diet to your lifestyle, just make it your own altered diet.

Summary – The Good Stuff

A fast way to Ketosis – The things to remember when changing your lifestyle and diet. This will take some research to fully understand the keto diet. The foods that go along with the diet as well the intermittent fasting techniques. The fasting will boost your time to ketosis tremendously and I encourage it. There may be a “keto flu”, just prepare for it and know that if will more than likely happen. Be prepared to battle the headaches and stay on track.

Ketosis and more importantly the keto diet has changed my way of life. I have more energy for my kiddos, my brain is on an entire different wave length and I have the energy I missed having as a younger version of myself. I hope you can conquer this transition to ketosis to fully understand the meaning of “new energy”. To achieve have any questions or have a “ketosis story” of your own I would love to chat about it!

Until then…

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





Superhero Workout and Diet #2 – Wonder Woman

Your Everyday “Gal”… Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman has been a sought out physique for women since she starred in the Batman vs. Superman movie back in 2016. She made a splash in Hollywood by transforming herself from the sleek and slender super model frame to a shredded and lean superhero kicking major ass on the big screen. Her regimen is an intriguing one to say the least…why?
                                                               “Her regimen is an intriguing one to say the least…why?”

The Wonder Woman workout and diet is universal, it isn’t a “woman” only workout and diet. I would be willing to bet

Wonder Woman Workout
Wonder Woman

that Thor would find something better to do on “Wonder Woman” workout day. This once, Miss Israel beauty has defied the super model status quo by jumping in with a workout that will transform anyone that sticks with it.

There are many variations to the workout Gal Gadot used to get in shape for her role as Wonder Woman. I have a spin that can speed up the process for faster results. This workout is a bit grueling and some unique exercises are involved. However, this will keep you changing workouts daily and shocking you body into results faster than most workouts. The best part of this Superhero workout and diet…it can take you an hour or less each workout, while maintaining most of the foods you are eating right now!

This is a great pre-workout for this exercise designed for a Superhero Workout…for reals!

I am going to address something that everyone goes through when entering into a new workout, or even a new gym. This will help ease you mind and get you into the workout…quick fast.

Conquer the Questions – Everything else will be Wonderful

How long is the workout, what exercises are involved, “do I have to do cardio?”, “what can I eat”. These seem like pretty simple questions to diagnose when planning on sticking with a new workout routine and diet – right?

Let’s break this down how normal humans diagnose these questions…because it isn’t simple, like at all.

What it Really Translates To

What exercises are involved?

  • Will I look silly doing this workout?
  • What if “Captain Gruntsalot” is on the machine I need? And he is posting to Instagram for an hour?

    Captain Gruntsalot
    Captain Gruntsalot

  • Will I have to pencil in an hour of watching super fit “chicas” doing an exercise just to understand that it actually isn’t humanly possible to do?

    Do I have to do cardio?
  • I only have an hour of time to workout. How fast can I get this two mile run done?
  • The only treadmill in the gym that doesn’t shake like an earthquake is always taken, then what?
  • I don’t know how to use the sideways stair climber with the underwater attachment? (that isn’t real in case you were wondering).

What Can I eat?

  • Well that smoothie has like 100 ingredients, so um…no
  • That costs more than my car payment, so um…no
  • I didn’t know that cardboard had nutritional value

If the above statements or ideas have every crossed you mind…you are not alone! Everyone at some point in time whether you are a meathead at the gym or a newbie on a guest pass. Starting anything new has its issues and sometimes it can get complicated. Complicated to the point of giving up, or going back to what you used to. Which is let’s face it; probably sounds something like this – run for like 20 minutes and then do one or two of the same workouts you have done since junior high track. It’s time to change that, and it can be simple and exciting.

Check to Make Sure the Cape is On

When you are short on time, money and metabolism it may seem like there is no way in hell of getting back into shape or to look like a superhero. I am here to tell you that you are wrong…very wrong. With a strong will, steady workout routine and a couple hacks, this is achievable for ANYONE.

Superhero Cape
Make sure the cape is tight!

So…if you want a fast way to a superhero body, here are the questions to ask yourself.

  • Why? What reason drives you to want to resemble said superhero?
  • Who are you wanting to resemble in the realm of heroes? (the fun part)
  • How much time are you willing to dedicate to this?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice for the Superhero Workout and Diet? (obviously this is rhetorical)

And finally, do you want getting that physique in half the time it would normally take?

This post may be for you then, because that is what this Superohero Workout and Diet series is all about!

Let’s Soar at the Same Speed

Before we get started down the road of Wonder Woman’s lean and mean muscle, let’s soar at the same speed. You can resemble the superhero of you dreams, but let’s use our head just a bit. So, you want to look like Dwayne Johnson you will at least need to be 6’5″ and have a slight genetic relation to a bear. This workout will indeed work for anyone looking to change there physique, just note that results will vary – nonetheless with this workout will produce all  “good variances!”

Wonder Woman – The Goddess of Shredtopia

Wonder Woman possesses everything a gym rat would want in a physique. From lean, yet chiseled quads to a small waist with a wide frame, which accentuates the small waist. This all makes sense – the Wonder Woman workout is intense and specific. I have done this workout and diet regimen and it is a bit different from the Thor Superhero Workout. I have pushed this workout and diet through a week and not just a couple workouts. This physique requires constant and consistent modifications in short periods of time.

                                                                  “The Wonder Woman workout is intense and specific”

There are days that are easier than others. For this workout that we have come up with at The Fasting Place it is an intense mix of weight training and cardio. There will be days when you are pounding the weights and 10 minutes later you may be doing interval cardio on the treadmill, and then there are days that you may be focusing purely on form. This workout will take you out of you comfort zone, it is intense and there is no “in between”. Give it all you have and the Wonder Woman physique will take form sooner than later.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

If this isn’t exciting you by now, then you can continue on clicking around the internet looking for cat memes. If that is you, stop wasting you time here. This is for the people wanting to move to Shredville. Without further adieu, let’s ascend to the good stuff!

Before we Get Rolling

Below is a brief description of what the Binary 4:3 is. I will be referring to this term in the workouts below. You can click the link below to see more details if you want, just scroll down til you see the Hulk in the post.

The Binary 4:3

  1. Focus on 4 exercises dedicated to the desired physique
  2. Arm workout
  3. Ab workout
  4. Cardio

                                                                              “This is for the people wanting to move to Shredville”

Time “Gadot” to the Gym

This workout will have 5 days committed to the Wonder Woman physique. Two different routes can be taken with these 5 days. The first route, which would be for the person that wants to lose a little more weight before getting shredded will be three days that will focus more on circuit training and the other two days will be more physique or body part specific. The second route would be the opposite of that. Three days more focus on physique training and two days on the circuit. One easy way to get motivated to get in the gym is using a pre-workout supplement, this is the one I use and find it to be the best out there! – Kinobody Pre-Octane

                                   “As long as you get a good mix of confusing you muscles, you are doing more than most”
Switch it up

Switch the workout up
Switch up your workout

As you get more comfortable with you workouts and start seeing results feel free to switch things up. Change the circuit days with the physique days every other week. Also don’t feel like you have to stick specifically to this regimen, as long as you get a good mix of confusing you muscles, you are doing more than most.

If five days seems “not-doable” that is fine. Just pick what days you can go to the gym and scale down to say…four days. Or if you can only go two days, then that is all you can do. Just know the more you break the workout a part the longer it will take to see results – I think that probably goes without saying.

I am going to break this down by a sample week starting with 3 circuit days and 2 physique days. I am going to use Monday through Friday, but you can have a rest day anywhere in there and workout on a weekend. The goal with this series is to show everyone that anyone can achieve the body they want. It doesn’t have parameters – you get to set those.

Wonder Woman Workout

Circuit Days – Below is a sample circuit day that me and my wife have done. Once you get the hang of the circuits, feel free to move different exercises you enjoy more than others – however sometimes you need to keep the couple exercises you don’t like. If it were easy everybody would do it.

Take from this circuit day the core principles of each exercise. Once you have figured these out, change the workout as you please. Or you can keep this one for every circuit day, I do.

Circuit Day

  • Interval cardio on Treadmill – 10 min (sprint the last 10 seconds of every minute)
  • Row Machine

    Circuit Day
    Push ups

  • Plank
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Medicine Ball Twists
  • Push ups
  • Pull ups (can use machine if need be)
  • Cool down with light jog or 10 min on cardio machine

Physique Days – I am referring to physique days as days in which you focus on body parts as opposed to a grueling circuit. The endurance and cardio portion is limited on these physique days. The focus turns to the little things on these days. Concerning yourself with a good workout while maintaining form more so as opposed to power and blasting through a circuit.

Physique Day 1

Back and Shoulders (Using variation of the Binary 4:3)

  1. Seated Cable Rows – 4 sets x 8-10
  2. Lat Raises (front and side) – 4 sets x 8
  3. Dumbbell Rows – 4 sets x 8

    Physique Day
    Superhero Workout and Diet

  4. Military Press (smith machine) – 4 sets x 8

    And then follow the core workout with the daily routine below (
    the 3)
  1. ab workout – 100 – 300 reps (any way to get the reps in)
  2. Arm Workout – Any arm workout you see fit
  3. Cardio – Anything other than treadmill for 2 miles or 15-20 min

Physique Day 2

Chest and Legs (Using variation of the Binary 4:3)

  1. Squats – 4 sets x 10-8-6-4
  2. Incline Dumbbell Bench – 4 sets x 8
  3. Dumbbell Lunges – 4 sets x 8 (each leg)
  4. Dumbbell Incline Fly – 4 sets x 6

And then follow the core workout with the daily routine below (the 3)

  1. ab workout – 100 – 300 reps (any way to get the reps in)
  2. Arm Workout – Any arm workout you see fit
  3. Cardio – Anything other than treadmill for 2 miles or 15-20 min

Wonder Woman – Circuit Detail

Interval cardio on Treadmill

Interval cardio training is an absolute must for the Wonder Woman workout. I have given the example of the sprint and jog ratio. I suggest doing this because you can challenge yourself by upping the sprint time interval as you progress. You can also change this workout up as you please.

Change it up!

Change it up Throw in an incline to the treadmill, work them quads!

Row Machine
Use the seated row machine you gym has. I am talking the one that looks like this.

So, you don’t have access to a row machine like this then doing bent over rows with a dumbbell or weight plate will work, no need to go heavy this is for endurance.

Go beast mode on the machine (or the plate) for 15 seconds and row lightly for the remaining :45 seconds – repeat 5 times. You can also break this down by number of pulls or reps on the machine or plate. Fore example – 15 pulls at a sprint pace and 45 at a slow and steady pace.

Change it up – You are using the machine every week – switch it to the plate and vice versa

Everybody by now knows what a plank is. Keep it simple and do planks however you see fit. 5 minutes at least total of planking (or more if you want). Any way you want to break it up.

Change it upClick here to see some examples of great variations.

Mountain Climbers (On Bosu Ball)
Mountain climbers are a great way to burn calories and really work the core. This simple workout will shred the legs also, making this a whole body workout. Doing these for one minute with a 30-second break in between will do the trick – repeat 5 times.

Check out the exercise with the Bosu Ball here!

Change it upLose the bosu ball and go off the floor for a different feel

Medicine Ball Twists
This workout will really begin to show results within the first couple weeks. Use a 10lb med ball and do 50 of these (each side tap is 1). Click here to check out the exercise.

Change it up Instead of a med ball, go for a plate or dumbbell to change the exercise up!

Push ups and Pull ups
These are pretty straight forward, nothing special here. Just hard work and an old-fashioned workout that stands the test of time. Try to do 3 sets of 8 pull ups, and 3 sets of 10 push-ups.

Change it up – Feel free to use a machine to help you with pull ups, check it out here. Also do push-ups from you knees to get started out if need be.

Wonder Woman Workout Summary

Stick with this circuit while mixing in the physique days and you will attain a total body transformation. The circuit is a great starting point to get into the gym with ambition and purpose. You will be able to go to the gym with a clear mission and goal in mind.

                                                                                                                                 “Go to the gym with a clear mission”

On a mission
On a mission

Feel free to mix and match with similar workouts within the realm of all exercises for the circuit. As long as you don’t go “to easy” on yourself. Make sure you are feeling pain in places you not use to, unfortunately you will need this indicator to make sure you are getting what you need for the Wonder Woman physique.

The physique days of this workout are great days to focus on the “little things”. By that I mean the muscle toning aspect. These are also great days to get you bearings back and ready for another circuit day. If things start to get too hectic, use the physique days as a rest day every now and again. Another great way to tackle the soreness is with pre-workout, try this one here! Kinobody Pre-Octane

Now you have the tools to get in the realm of the Wonder Woman physique. The other key component to this schedule is the diet. This diet consists of words like “moderation” and “lean protein”. This sounds a little better than most diets…because it is!

Wonder Woman Jet Fuel

Gal Gadot uses a pretty simple concept when it comes to eating for the role she played as Wonder Woman. Your food is you fuel. This couldn’t be more true and to the point for this grueling workout. In order to be able to stick with the above workout you will need to stay hydrated and fueled. This diet addresses doing just that.

                                                                                                    “Your food is you fuel”

The diet is much easier to grasp from the workout that goes along with this edition of Superhero Workout and Diet. Which is usually the opposite, in my opinion – this is awesome. The food is broken down into 3 different binary points.

  1. Moderation
  2. Hydration
  3. Lean Protein

The Big 3 – Moderation, Hydration and Lean Protein

Moderation is just as simple as it sounds. If you haven’t been dieting and are ready to jump into this workout and diet with both feet, then it is time to moderate you food intake. I am not saying to eat anything you want but don’t change much with your diet, just make sure to take the intake down so you can notice it. You shouldn’t be busting out of you pants when you finish a meal. Just enough to satiate, which means to satisfy.

For her role as Wonder Woman, Gal consumed 1 gallon of water per day. This is just a benchmark – feel free to drink a

Wonder Woman Diet
Selection of healthy food on rustic wooden background

little more if need be. Just make sure you hit at least the 1 gallon mark every day. Be prepared to take a few more bathroom breaks. You will likely not be used to drinking that amount of fluids. This will likely take a few days to adjust to you new schedule, so be patient.

Lean Protein
When looking to change youf diet and speed up the process a bit I would take note to this section in a little more detail. This diet involves leafy greens, veggies and fats. This sounds a bit familiar to a Keto diet?.. That is because it is similar, minus the uptick in protein Gal uses to build muscle faster. “Green smoothies” are the Hollywood craze right now, and for good reason. You can get all you need from this diet in this smoothie. If a smoothie isn’t the route you are into, then breakfast foods are the route to go. Eggs, bacon, avocado and toast, just for a simple example – and truth, that is all I would need to know.

The smoothie Gal uses has simple ingredients

  • Parsley
  • Celery
  • Green Apples
  • Ginger

Wonder Woman – Way to Fly Faster to that End Goal

Fly faster
Fly faster

This workout and diet will take you to new levels within weeks, changes will be noticed almost immediately.

I have a fasting routine that will compliment this workout and diet quite nicely. By intermittently fasting and following the diet mixed with a little extra fluid intake, you can surpass that skyscraper long before Superman has even though of it!

Ultimate hacks to Fly higher!

  • Drink 8-12 ounces of black coffee in the morning
  • Intermittent fast – wait til 2:00 pm to eat, then eat an apple or equivalent nutrients.
    • So, you get hungry throughout the day drink sparkling water, it tricks the body into a meal
    • Use a pinch of salt under the tongue to get through a “fasting headache”
  • Drink more than 1 gallon of water daily
  • Use Kinobody Pre-Octane pre workout to boost results
  • Eat 200 calories of whatever you heart desires, then eat the rest of you calories in leafy Greens and lean proteins
  • Add a protein bar for a late night snack, or a pure milk chocolate bar (80-150 calories)

Superhero Workout and Diet #2 – Wonder Woman Summary

Stick with the program and diet and you will see results within the first week, no question. This workout is pretty unique and I suggest writing out you weekly regimen to minimize confusion and it makes it easier to set goals for yourself. I hope you enjoyed this read and workout. The best time to act is NOW, go throw some weight around.

I will stress yet again the importance of a possible supplement or pre-workout to enhance and speed up this process, the Kinobody Pre-Octane will tackle this problem.

Highlights in list form

  • Stick to at least 2 circuit workouts and 2 physique workouts weekly
  • You can cut the 2 workouts in half to start out, in order to get you bearings
  • Hold yourself accountable, and record you progress
  • The diet is based on moderation and proteins
  • Put yourself in some time of calorie restriction
  • Drink plenty of water, like at least 1 gallon
  • Remember to keep mixing it up within the workouts and circuits

If you have any questions or want to see a different superhero workout please comment below.

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





Superhero Workout and Diet #1 -Thor “Back” Basics

Inspiration From a Young Age

It was 1990-something when I was growing up as a kid in the Midwest, and superheros were my first ever introduction to a built, shredded put together bad ass of an ultra human. Growing up I looked up to superheroes, I wanted to emulate them. Whether it be from my extensive comic book collection involving Venom, Batman and Spiderman to watching Thundercats on Saturday mornings – I wanted to be them.

Thor Superhero Workout
Superhero workout and diet

As I grew into a young man, I realized what it would  take getting a physique to resemble any superhero…hard work and dedication and a lot of it! I transitioned my childhood passion from comics and cartoons quickly to the modernization of Hollywood movies. Then as I become an actual “adult person thing” – you know with kids and a job, it wasn’t quite as easy…like at all.              

“growing up I looked up to superheroes”

This will be the first of a series of superhero workouts that I have personally adapted with a unique spin on how to workout, when and what to eat as well fasting techniques to hack into shape.

Gut Check Time

When you are short on time, money and metabolism it may seem like there is no way in hell of getting back into shape or to look like a superhero. I am here to tell you that you are wrong…very wrong. With a strong will, steady workout routine and a couple hacks, this is achievable for ANYONE.

So…if you want a fast way to a superhero body, here are the questions to ask yourself.

  • Why? What reason drives you to want to resemble said superhero
  • Who are you wanting to resemble in the realm of heroes (the fun part)?
  • How much time are you willing to dedicate to this?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice for the Superhero Workout and Diet? (obviously this is rhetorical)

And finally, do you want getting that physique in half the time it would normally take? This post may be for you then, because that is what this is all about!

This post specifically will get you all the information you need to take action to resemble the physique of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. The rest is up to you!

Common Sense for Uncommon Results

Before we get started down the road of pure shreddedness let’s get on the same page. You can resemble the superhero of your dreams, but let’s use our head just a bit. If you want to look like Dwayne Johnson you will at least need to be 6’5″ and have a slight genetic relation to a bear. In essence pick a workout and diet that suits your body type…Fair?

                                                                       “Pick your Superhero – it’s time to suit up!”

Superhero Diet and Workout
Cast of Superheroes

When deciding what superhero you want to resemble (I am sure you already have that person in mind), ask yourself “Why?” Do you like the “V shape” that a particular superhero has, do you like the nice toned legs of Wonder Woman? Are you wanting a massive chest like Chris Evans as Captain America or are you wanting to be toned down to a beach body vibe like Zac Efron as Matt Brody in Baywatch? Pick your Superhero – it’s time to suit up!

Time to Suit Up! – You, Me and the Binary 4:3
Now that you have decided what superhero physique you are going for Let’s get down to it. I am going to reveal a simple fasting regimen mixed with yet again a simple workout to mimic the body of your dreams. I will also throw in a few more hacks in each instance to speed up the process even more. Simple to understand, dedication to the diet is a must to succeed.
                                                                                        “Simple to understand”

The Binary 4:3 is a workout parameter that I have adjusted over time of how I like to train getting fast results and getting super hero jacked. The “4” is for the amount of exercises you dedicate to the physique itself. And the “3” is the for the exercises to follow that are done on a daily basis regardless of the dedicated exercises. It will be simplified as we move on.

This is the super secret Binary 4:3 to the way I workout like a superhero. Keeping it simple and to the point, the easiest way to getting results.

Superhero Workout
Incredible Hulk Diet

The Binary 4:3

  1. Focus on 4 exercises dedicated to the desired physique
  2. Arm workout
  3. Ab workout
  4. Cardio

The “Chris” Battle – workout edition

Gonna start with two of the most sought after physiques in the world right now. Chris Hemsworth as Thor from The Avengers series and Chris Evans as Captain America. I just can’t stay away from the ever popular “Chris Battle”. When it comes to these two superheros, I would say there is no loser. It just depends on what look you are after.

In this first edition of Superhero Workout and Diet we will be throwing the hammer down in gym of Asgard. Buckle up time getting that Thor physique going.

Thor – The God of “Lats”

If you are looking getting the classic body building “V shape” this is the workout for you. It is a “not so fun” workout because of the exercises that are involved but the turnout is by far the best across the board. This is a slow and steady workout, focusing on very hard exercises done precisely. Focus more on form and not repetition.

                                                                               “Focusing more on form”

I have found the Thor workout to be the most challenging and most beneficial at the same time. If you want a big back and a physique like Thor, this is the workout to follow…bar none.

Thor - Workout
Thor – Workout and Diet

Starting a back workout regimen keep in mind the various types of workouts you can do each time it is your “Thor” day. I have labeled and plugged in four of my favorites for an example (below paragraph). You can always change up the exercises within the workout for you back. I actually would encourage you to do so. By doing this will keep the body on edge with the changing of exercises, and more importantly it will make it more exciting getting to the gym.

Thor Workout (2x a week)

  1. Wide grip pull-ups – 4 sets x 10 (or until exhaustion)
  2. Lat pull downs – 4 sets x 8
  3. Bent over rows – 4 sets x 8
  4. Dumbbell Shrugs – 4 sets x 8-12

And then follow the core workout with the daily routine below (the 3)

Thor - Hemsworth and back
Wide Back – Thor – workout and diet


  1. ab workout – 100 – 300 reps
  2. Arm Workout – Arm workouts below in post
  3. Cardio – run at least 2 miles, or get the heart rate going for one mile on treadmill or outside.

Thor Workout Summary

This workout from start to finish will take you anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours. It really depends on how hard you want to go. Starting by doing cardio and getting a light sweat and get the blood flowing is my suggestion. Then jump into the workout, completing each of the physique targeted exercises first.

Then move to your arm workout and abs to finish up. If you want to workout on the “non Thor” workout days, use the same principles of targeting a different body part with the same The Binary 4:3 in mind. For example if it was leg day for you –

  1. Squats – 4 sets x 10
  2. Calf Raises – 4 sets x 8
  3. Leg Press – 4 sets x 8
  4. Barbell Lunge – 4 sets x 8-12
  1. Ab workout – 100 – 300 reps
  2. Arm Workout -Bicep curls/ Tri pull-downs
  3. Cardio -2 mile jog on treadmill

Thor Workout Highlights

As far as the actual exercises themself, you can change them up as you continue with your progression to Thor. The wide grip lat pull ups are the only exercise I would say you need to keep on the list. The lat pull downs will emphasize that “V-shape” and is more so for the lats specifically.

Thor DB workout
dumbbell workout for Thor

The bent over rows will again be for the the lats as well. However the bent over row will focus more on the middle of the back. And the shrugs are for the rhomboid. If you aren’t wanting big shoulders you can mix in another back exercise. I like keeping all of the above available to tinker with and figure out what works best for me.

To look like Thor may be the easiest of the regimens to follow. The hard part is the actual exercises themselves. Pull-ups aren’t easy for anyone. And back exercises can be dull. But if you want to look like Thor, this is the fastest way to do so with a solid diet. There may be only 5 bullets but they are deeper than just a number. Mixed with this Thor workout twice a week and you will be happy you started throwing the hammer down! Now to keep those veins popping and that sleek look, what to eat.

Thor and his Nordic Diet – Catered to Your Body Type

How it would be nice to eat like a God of Thunder. Well, we can come close or at least a diet that will sustain our yoked back. The diet you will take will be different pending on your current situation. You many be a bit skinny or over weight, your metabolism might be slower or faster. These are elements you will want to consider when starting this workout.

Body types
Body types

There are three body types – Mesomorph, Endomorph and Ectomorph. There isn’t a body type that is necessarily “better” than the other. Just relate to one of the below body types to align with the fast and diet if you want getting results faster.

Thor Fast and Diet for the Mesomorph Body Frame

This mesomorph body type may be the most genetically gifted as far as building muscle and staying fit. The mesomorph frame will have results quick due to a fast metabolism and a great genetic make up. The mesomorph body type will be able to put muscle mass on easily.

If this sounds like you, follow the diet and fasting regimen below mixed with the above Thor 4:3 workout.

Keeping with what you are naturally eating throughout the day and minimizing the calorie intake may be all you need to do if you are a mesomorph frame. If you want to speed it up a bit follow these 4 bulleted items to speed up the workout.

4 hacks to Thor faster with a mesomorph frame

Salad bowl
salad bowl with fatty foods
  • Intermittent fast (wait til 2 pm to eat any calories)
  • Eat high fats (Keto diet)
  • Very low carb
  • Drink a lot of water

Thor Fast and Diet for the Ectomorph Body Frame

The endomorph body type will gain weight easily. Having this body type has pros and cons just as anything in life. You can gain muscle mass quickly…the good. The bad…you gain fat just as easy. If you want the “Thor V” with this body type the diet will be just as important if not more than the workout.

If this sounds like you, follow the diet and fasting regimen below mixed with the above Thor 4:3 workout.

4 hacks to Thor faster with an endomorph frame

  • Intermittent fast (wait til 2 pm to eat any calories)
  • Try to eliminate sugar from your diet
  • Stick to a Paleo type diet (caveman diet)
  • Drink water of courseThor Fast and Diet for the Ectomorph Body FrameThe ectomorph body type will have the opposite struggles when packing on the pounds. And ectomorph by nature is long and lean with a high metabolism and has difficulty putting weight on. Specifically putting on muscle mass. Again the diet will be a role in this process of super hero shredfest.

If this sounds like you, follow the diet and fasting regimen below mixed with the above Thor 4:3 workout.

4 hacks to Thor faster with a ectomorph frame

  • Intermittent fast (wait til noon to eat calories)
  • High fat and high protein for all meals
  • Eat a fatty snack before bed, like a pure chocolate bar
  • Drink plenty of water and protein drinks if desired

Superhero Workout and Diet #1 – Thor summary

I tried to pack this post full of information getting you the back that will make you have to buy new shirts. I hope you found this post helpful and more importantly, useful. I didn’t go into extreme detail on much of the exercises or actual meals, so if you have questions about some more exercises, meal prep or anything related to the above, please let me know in the comments below.

Fasting and working out are both passions of mine that go hand in hand. With a few key principles and some diligence on the fasting side, you can hammer your way to a superhero body.


Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





How does Autophagy work? – does it really matter?

Nobel Prizes and Fasting

If you have researched any form of fasting recently, I am sure you have come across the word autophagy. If you are like me, you may have skimmed over the word and went about your business. You might be surprised to know that the2016 Nobel Prize was on the topic of…you guessed it, autophagy. Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi of Japan started research on the topic of autophagy in 2012 when he discovered the break down of cells in bakers yeast.

Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi
Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi

Autophagy literally means “self-eating”. Autophagy basically is the body’s way of cleaning house and repairing the “bad cells” with the new by chewing up the garbage and transforming it into superhero cells. We will dive into this deeper in a bit.

Autophagy may be one of the most important processes to understand when fasting. So, how does autophagy work? What are the benefits of understanding the process? Does it really matter to know and understand in relation to fasting and losing weight? The answer in short is…absolutely.

Your Very own Personal Militia

What is really going on when your body is deprived of calories? Your body will go into defense mode quick fast once the calorie intake goes down. Autophagosomes is the official name of your personal autophagy militia. This militia will start to take over at the cellular level. Like I stated before autophagy means “self eating” or “eat thyself”, it’s a Greek thing.

Personal Militia for Cells
Battlefield of autophagy

In order for you to have the autophagosomes take action, the cells must be stressed (deprived of nutrients) and the quickest way to get there is to fast. Once the cells are stressed your scavenger militia soldiers or autophagosomes start to do their thing. The cells will scavenge the body for dead cells, malfunctioning cells, and anything that resembles weakness at the molecular level. The degradation of the cells are gobbled up and transformed to remain in homeostasis or simpler yet – keep the body stable.

“The cells will scavenge the body for dead cells, malfunctioning cells, and anything that resembles weakness at the molecular level”

In essence this is a super power that everyone has the ability to utilize. Being able to put your own self in a constant state of recycling cells is out of this world beneficial! Your body, mind and everything revolving around your world will change when autophagy is in full swing. It is an upgrade on a cellular level…literally. It almost seems too good to be true.

Hack your Way into it

When something seems too good to be true, it is usually. Getting to a state of autophagy isn’t all that easy, but how to get there is simple. Confusing? Let me explain

Its kind of like running a marathon. You know it is 26 miles – that is simple to understand. You don’t know how hard it is however, unless you have trained and ran one before. So getting into this autophagy state is like a marathon, easy to envision – hard to complete without training or in this case, the mindset. Fasting is the quickest way to get there.

“Not eating for 72 hours will induce a state of autophagy”

Not eating for 72 hours will induce a state of autophagy. By not eating any calories for three consecutive days your body will put stress on the cells and this super hero cell eating situation will commence. The body is getting the chemistry set ready for your cell cleaning crew to start work. 72 hours seems like a long time to go without eating, there is however a faster (no pun intended) way to get to this state.

Super Secret Ketosis Black Belt Stuff

Lowering your carbohydrate intake and upping your fat intake. This is in essence – the “Keto Diet”. I won’t go into much detail about the Keto diet here. But to get a basic idea of what the Keto diet does for speeding up the autophagy process, I will explain. In a nut shell the Keto diet is eating a high fat diet, as opposed to carbs and sugars. Keeping your diet 60-70% fats and below 50 grams of carbs in any given day.

Keto friendly meal
Autophagy and ketosis

What this does is put the body in a state known as ketosis. Again to get a grasp of why this is beneficial without too much detail, ketosis creates what are called ketones. Ketones will ultimately replace glucose as a fuel source for the body. This speeds up the autophagy process and gets the autophagosomes primed and ready. Throwing in this keto black belt secret can take you from 72 hours of calorie less deprivation down to 12 hours if you stick to your guns! That is a super hack.

Even if you veer off from the ketosis route a little, eating fats and reducing your carb intake will significantly help you achieve a state of autophagy. Getting to autophagy may take a little discipline but it is well worth it. My first experience was not short of thinking I could be a Marvel character. The energy I felt after the fact was the biggest surge I had felt in at least 10 years.


Living forever. That sounds silly and probably is at this moment in time. I do think little steps like autophagy and recycling the inner workings of the human body is a step in the right direction to longevity. Being able to take old, crappy worn out cells and turning them into young, spry and intelligent cells seems like a no brainer.

Maybe the key to living forever hasn’t been unlocked…yet. But little steps like this are the key to living a healthier and longer life. A life that you can be proud of deep into your golden years. I personally have many “mini goals” in mind and I know I could never get them achieved if it weren’t for the fasting world and understanding scientific states such as autophagy and how they play a rold in my well being.

                                                                “Maybe the key to living forever hasn’t been unlocked…yet”

Little fun fact about mortality. The Turritopsis dornii Jellyfish can in fact live forever. Check out the story of how, it is eerily similar to autophagy. Coincidence?

Medicines Guardian Angel

Autophagy can be summed up as a saving grace to the medical community. It wasn’t until recently that autophagy was considered such. This may be the coolest part about autophagy.

Guardian angel
What is autophagy

Recently studies have shown autophagy playing a large role in disease control, specifically Alzheimer and other brain diseases. I have heard growing up that “Alzheimer runs in the family”. This may be true, it probably does run in my

family, generationally speaking I have witnessed my grandfather go through this. However understanding autophagy and how it works, changes the very meaning of “it runs in the family”. I can decide to take action now to clean up my cells in my brain. The “it runs in the family” may just mean I need to call in the troops to transform my cells a little more often than normal.

Through diet and little things like autophagy I believe that you can manage all disease and rid most cancerous cells of the body. It all starts in the mind, and once you have committed to a lifestyle change…the sky is the limit.

What you Should’ve Got out of This

  1. Autophagy is your own personal militia, and can be called into action with fasting and other techniques
  2. 72 hour water fast if required in order to get in a state of autophagy…unless
  3. Diet and specifically the Keto diet can speed up the process of autophagy from 72 hours to 12 hours
  4. Understanding autophagy and how to use it as a weapon and defy the aging process
  5. Using a state of autophagy to change your genetic path

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





The Adaptable Intermittent 5:2 Diet?

Simple is the New Complex

The intermittent fasting 5:2 diet or “The Fast Diet” as so it is dubbed is a great starting point. My goal with this post is to break this fasting fad down in to its most raw and simplistic form – all while losing weight, changing your lifestyle and not having to read 10 different blog posts to understand the principles.

The 5:2 fasting diet was developed by a British fellow named Michael Mosley. I strongly urge you to google the man, he has some great insights and a cunning humor about him. This diet is very simple to understand. You eat “normal” for 5

Fasting plate
Fasting intermittent 5:2

out of 7 days and the other two you intermittently fast, always having at least one “normal” day in between the fasting day. Normal is a relative term (you may have noticed it in quotes). “Normal” is still a restrictive sense, maybe a 2,000 calorie diet is what you are doing…keep it at that or whatever you have decided. The other two days are for intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is also a vague term. With every expert and guru having their own twist on time frames and calorie intake, and “what to eat” and “what not to eat”. I am going to enlighten you on what I consider intermittent fasting and the diet that I use, that has worked for me. We will explore the different ways to adapt your diet to your lifestyle. Adding a personal touch to the 5:2 is what I hope for you to gain out of this post.

Magical Unicorns & Your “Calorie Deficit Number”

If you are like me, then part of the decision on when and how to fast comes down to calorie deficit and what is the “special” number of calories. This answer could be an article all to itself (and if you are interested on my take of this, please let me know in the comments and I would gladly give my take on it in more detail). Your calorie deficit number doesn’t need to be like a Unicorn…it is a real thing.

During a day in the dark ages when I was a little “heftier” I would add up my sausage burrito and orange juice calories from breakfast. Then add up my hamburger and fixin’s along with fries and diet soda for lunch. Can’t forget to add up the snacks in between, and then of course the steak and potatoes for dinner with a beer or two.

Writing up your calories for the day will take longer than actually finding your magical number.

Once the calories have been added for the day, simply reduce them. Really, if I had 2,500 calories for the day – take it down to 2,000 and then you are basically ready to start the intermittent fasting; 5:2 style. Once you have decided on calorie deficit it is time to pick out a schedule that fits your lifestyle… you know, that work stuff that kind of gets in the way.

Scheduling like a Boss

Scheduling anything can be a bit of a hassle but it always has helped me with accountability and makes it more of a challenge in the fasting scheme. So like stated before pick out two days during the week that look like a good day to not eat until 2:00 pm or whatever time preferably after lunchtime suits you ( I suggest not Monday, that day has a mind of its own already).

Nic’s Intermittent Fasting PhilosophyFasting Schedule

  1. Drink 8-12 ounces of coffee to start the day (black only)
  2. Drink water and mix in a sparkling water until 2:00 pm
  3. 2:00 pm – Eat 100-150 calories of choice food
  4. Back to the water train, sparkling if you need it
  5. 6:00 pm – Eat the rest of your calories

Once that is established it will be easy to work through knowing that this part is taken care of. Logging all of your meals, calories and weight loss/gain is essential in making this trial run worth it. I personally have done the intermittent 5:2 diet for a couple weeks. I did see results, however it wasn’t up my alley. It is great to start out with and has many health benefits. I found it as a good “threshold test”.

Using this as a good indicator after a few weeks of the 5:2 fasting I decided to adapt my lifestyle, my own “diet fad”, workouts and time management to the fasting regimen.

Adapt and Overcome (with that personal swag)

The 5:2 fasting diet opened Pandora box for me, it is where I started when fasting. As I researche and learned my body limitations I transitioned my own philosophies. I adapted intermittent fasting to what was working for me and what I was comfortable with.

I strayed away from the 5:2, and went with a 4:3, and then a dime package (football reference, if you didn’t know). The point is once you have tried something that someone else; “another human” has come up with, feel free to make it your own. Because you are the person not eating, you are the person vesting your time and efforts into research and possible money into programs.

If you are someone that works in an office all day, then adapt your fasting along with some light workouts. If you work construction and are grueling all day in the sun, then maybe add more than 100-150 calories for your afternoon meal. This is all adaptable, just keep these 2 simple principles in mind.

  1. Don’t eat til afternoon preferably 2:00 pm
  2. Eat the rest of your calories between 6:00 – 8:00 pm
  3. Repeat

Call yourself: The Creator

This diet is a great starting point, and I know plenty of people that have stuck with this diet extended periods. I think it is great when people come up with different variations and great new philosophies on fasting. I hope by reading this brief intro to the intermittent 5:2 diet you can gain an understanding of independence and freedom of what it actually means to you.

The 5:2 diet was a great starting point that led me down the lifestyle of creating my own. I hope you can do the same. Understand that you can create your own fasting routine with your own rules and still get everything you want out of it.

Leave a comment below if you have any insight, questions or if you would like to see me post something more specific.

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day

Nic Chiri