Fasting Hacks – Simple but Overlooked

When you are wanting to transform yourself whether it be physically, emotionally or spiritually – it is a tall task. A transformation is something that takes dedication, it is a term described as a “dramatic change”. Nothing worth a damn in life comes free, and this relates to losing weight.

Losing weight is something that doesn’t come naturally for most. For most, it is obnoxious, hard work, and not fun at all. This all may be true but looking at it from a different perspective may be the key to get through it. A key, that although may be difficult is very attainable.

Fasting will boost you results tremendously. We are going to break down 10 simple but very useful fasting hacks to get you through a few days of intermittent fasting to start. These fasting hacks can be applied over a more extensive fasting experience as well.

Difficult is a relative term

Rock Climber

To get over fear and tackle the unknown…you just have to start the climb! Get over the idea of not eating for a few hours or a few days as “impossible”. This has been done for centuries and it actually can help you live a longer life. Fasting can clear gut problems, can increase energy levels, and boost mental clarity. So see this as a new experience, a new opportunity – and most importantly see it as moving forward as a human being by promoting you own health.

We will dive into 4 useful fasting hacks that come in handy when facing the hunger urge. These hacks are all mental games and are very useful to lose some unwanted weight. Below is a list of the 10 hacks being discussed, lets get into the not eating thing!

  1. Accountability
  2. Journal
  3. Light Exercise
  4. Stay Busy


It goes without really needing to say, but holding yourself accountable is how you need to start any fast. Whether you are just starting an intermittent trial run or a 5-day water fast, accountability is a must. Making sure you stick to what you set out for will help you to continue on.

I know for me I usually express to my wife my expectations before doing anything, especially fasting. This way I am holding myself accountable by telling her what my plan is. If I fall through on my expectations I will never hear the end of it, which is the entire point of accountability.

Starting out small and moving it forward a notch or two every time you start new. Or you can go the complete other route and shoot for the moon and see where you fall. This may be a bit more degrading because you more than likely fail the first time, but you have a good measure of what you are capable of. A great way to keep you goals in mind it to write it all down.

Journal – Write it Down

Holding yourself accountable is one thing but actually writing it down will solidify you intentions. Keeping a journal will keep you ambitious and feel like you are achieving something – well…because you will be.

I am fascinated with how much weight you can lose fasting in such a short period. When keeping a journal of a fasting trek I like to keep the following jotted down daily.

  • Weight

    Fast hacks, journaling
    Track your fasting progress

  • Hours of sleep
  • Hours I have went without eating (or countdown if you have set out for a specific duration)
  • Inches (waist, arms, neck and legs – I do this at the beginning and end)
  • How I am feeling
  • Intake of water in ounces
  • Workout details

These are just the items that like to jot down. Everyone will find something more important than the other. Just remembering to keep a journal will help you reflect when you are done. What worked, what didn’t – when you will be scheduling you next regimen. Another thing to keep you busy is to work out lightly.

Light Exercise

Light exercise may seem backwards if you aren’t eating at all, but it actually couldn’t be more beneficial to the end goal…depending on what that goal is. If you goal is to lose some weight and get healthier, then yes, light exercise will boost you results. If you are just challenging yourself to see how long you can go without eating (which would be a little

On a mission
On a mission

weird) but hey whatever – then maybe cut back on the light exercise.

When fasting I like to get in some very light cardio (like a mile on the treadmill at a slow pace) and then 45 min to an hour of some light lifting. I feel great afterward and oddly enough you can feel a boost in you exercise habits. For me it is great to go to the gym and not have heartburn…for reals.

Light exercise will speed up the weight loss process and it more importantly keeps you busy, that is the next hack on the list. Staying busy.

Staying Busy

Exercise is a great tool to stay busy, unfortunately you will probably not be able to exercise all day. Staying busy will most certainly keep you mind off of food. And honestly the first 1-2 days is by far the worst when transforming you body to a fasted state – whether it be intermittent or not.

It really is pretty easy for me to stay busy. Playing with kiddos, doing laundry, reading going on a jog or hike with my wife. These are few simple items that I am sure you can use you imagination to utilize.

Weird but True
Something I found oddly satisfying was cooking actually. This may see a bit weird but it is true. When was doing a longer fast I would cook for the fam and loved it. I would focus so much on details and really created some Julia Child masterpieces. The reason I am expressing this – it really doesn’t matter what you do to stay busy, just stay busy.

Simple and Successful

These may seem like overly simplified natural reactions but believe they aren’t. The natural reaction to not eating will be to…eat. Fasting is a mental game. Being able to hold yourself accountable for whatever reason you deem necessary.

You want

  • to fit in a dress
  • to lose that last little bit of belly fat
  • to gain more energy
  • to get chiseled like a superhero

It all starts with a vision and a goal in mind. Simple tasks done one step at a time will get you to the promise land. I encourage everyone to at least try intermittent fasting for a day or two. You will reap benefits you are thinking aren’t possible right now.

I encourage anyone to comment below on you fasting hacks or adventures, I look forward to the discussion. Until then,

thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





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  1. Kenny

    Hi this another great piece of writing. I have a real concern as I get older about the fact I’m eating the wrong things, and it’s a case of willpower. I’m on a diet now and hope to stick to it. After all who wants to be out of breath after a few minutes of playing in the park with their kids. I will book mark your site and look for more tips to help me stay on track. Thanks Kenny 

    • Nic


      Thanks for the read.

      I agree being out of breath with the kiddos is down right embarrassing. Fasting helps to get the body out of old habits and into the new. 

      Sticking with it is the hardest part, it is a lifestyle change – not a diet. Thank your for the bookmark and I truly appreciate the support.



  2. Nate Stone

    Hi Nic, 

    I’m a big fan of fasting, I personally utilise intermittent fasting as a way to increase testosterone production. I also train fasted and I always feel extremely strong for it! Great advice on how to stick to your fasts, have you tried apple cider vinegar? I find it a great to satiate hunger pains!

    • Nic


      Great insight to the testosterone boost. Also one of the biggest reasons I love to fast when working out. A little secret sauce to go with the workout is how I liek to see it. 

      Yes, I always have apple cider vinegar in the pantry at home. It is a huge life saver in the satiation game. I also like to use an apple cider vinegar and water mix when breaking a long term fast. Glad to see a fellow faster! Good luck mate!



  3. Daniel

    This is great article Nic! I think that today most of people have a problem with weight and obesity which is really dangerous and it should be solved as soon as possible. Fasting is great way of losing weight but also improving mind. I am on fasting very often and I can say that results are more than visible. Thank you for sharing this great tips with us.

    • Nic


      Thanks for the comment.

      I think you have said it wonderfully mate, obesity is a huge problem – not just a problem but a total full blown epidemic! I am glad you have stayed your course and true. Staying in shape and fasting is not an easy task. But with a little grit and self respect it is al achievable



  4. saj

    Pretty interesting topic.Yes, you need dedication in life to change anything, same goes for fasting.I myself prefer “Light exercise” I usually go to my local gym thrice a week and do some cardio on elliptical.

    The alternative will be staying busy, whenever I do not have time I always keep myself busy.Walking, climbing stairs, cycling to name a few.

    If you keep yourself busy ,you can keep yourself in a decent shape but as you say need dedication.

    • Nic


      Great insight friend!

      Staying busy is so easy yet overlooked when trying to lose weight. You hit it perfectly on the head by describing the unique ways you stay busy. 

      Staying in shape is much easier once you get there, the rest is rinse and repeat. 

      Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Bushra

    Intermittent fasting is a natural way to lose weight and its safe. It could be difficult for some people but if they know the health benefits of fasting and are determined, then it will be easier for them as well. If you have any health issues for example diabetes or low blood pressure then it could be dangerous so I would recommend consulting your Dr before you start fasting.

    All great hacks especially writing a journal, thanks for sharing.

    • Nic


      Thanks for read. I appreciate your insights and I am glad to see you are an advocate of fasting. It truly is a great community to be a part of. 

      Yes, journaling is a huge part of holding yourself accountable. 



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