Carbonated Water Good or Bad? – Fizzy Facts

One of my favorite beverages is carbonated water, it is refreshing, zero calories and it is a great alternative to soda. Soda used to be my vice and it really put a damper on things, switching to carbonated water has been a game changer. I used carbonated water for almost all the fasting techniques I use, and I have maintained a pretty decent weight.

Is sparkling water good or bad
Is sparkling water good or bad

There has been some noise circling the carbonated (sparkling) water world in relation to dieting, fitness and fasting. Carbonated water or better known as sparkling water has been around for quite some time. There are several types of sparkling water, quite a bit more with the new era.

There may be some misconceptions of what is good for you and bad for you…as far as fasting or dieting is concerned. In this article we are going to either debunk or confirm some of these topics…a good ole’ pro and con if you will. Let’s dive in – is carbonated water good or bad?

What is Carbonated (sparkling) Water

So what is it, all I knew before starting down a health road was it was cheap, tasted like stale water and had zero nutritional value. Well…most of that is still true believe it or not. But what actually is the stuff?

Carbonated water is water that has been mixed with carbon dioxide under pressure. This is why when you open a can or twist open a top you get the fuzzy sensation of a soda, just love it when it tickles the lips (OK a little weird, but true). There are several types of sparkling water on the market. With that will come different ingredients.

carbonated water
carbonated water

Before we get deep into if carbonated water is good or bad. I want to let you all in on why it is my beverage of choice. Just to give you a little background of my relationship with the bubbly masterpiece. I know that seems extreme, but it has helped me reduce my sugar intake, cut out certain elements of my diet completely and all around made me lose weight. For that I owe fizzy water some gratitude.

Sparkling Water and Fasting

I came across sparkling water as a food suppressant when I was researching fasting. I really never did like the taste much of any sparkling water before this. I started with some intermittent fasting and a pretty “loose diet” plan. I soon introduced sparkling water into my diet, and it helped me 10 fold.

I started drinking sparkling water on a regular basis and haven’t looked back. I know enjoy the taste. Maybe it is acquired, maybe it’s because of the zero everything in it or maybe it is just the satiation.

If you aren’t familiar with the term satiate, it means to satisfy. In the essence of fasting it helps replace meals. It tricks the body into thinking you ate something. It is truly unbelievable how well this tackles the hunger pains. Sparkling water is great on long flight or any type of long travel.

Great for on the go
Great for on the go

Being hungry is terrible in any situation. If you are someone that is always on the go sparkling water is easy to throw in a bag and go. Some will use coffee to satiate and that is fine, I also use it for that reason. Sparkling water has a refreshing quality that coffee just doesn’t have for me.

When I started fasting, sparkling water was my counterpart and has stuck with me.

I really didn’t want to dive into anything scientific with the ingredients but I would be doing the sparkling water community a disservice if I just had my biased opinion. I am not going to bore you with too many details, but I feel if you have read this far, might as well stay tuned for some fizzy facts.

Fizzy Facts

Sparkling water does have a small list of ingredients. This is where the controversy comes in, this is the panties getting bunched up stage of the game.

Like anything amazing – controversy is everywhere. The Fasting Place is here to go to battle for the carbonated crusader.

Like stated previously there are many types of sparkling water. There are generic brands almost in any grocery store along with name brands like La Croix, Perrier and San Pellegrino to name a few. If you have any questions about what sparkling water may be here is a short list to clear it up:

  • Carbonated Water
  • Sparkling Water
  • Club Soda
  • Soda Water
  • Seltzer

Tonic water is a sparkling water however it doesn’t make the cut in my opinion. The ingredients in tonic water include some sugar and a corn syrup mix.

If you have ever sipped on a Los Pellegrino or Perrier sparkling water you may note the bland and almost over bearing mineral taste (which I enjoy from time to time, actually). This is because it is spring fed water and has an array of minerals and sulfur that are toned down a bit in the production phase.

Some simple facts of sparkling water is that it is carbonated water which is under pressure from mixing it with carbon dioxide gas and there are a few ingredients. If you are on the fence of the carbonated water, I am sure you are just dying to know what these ingredients are? Well there is nothing to hide here, lets reveal this nasty concoction.

The Carbonated Cocktail

There aren’t many ingredients when it comes to carbonated water. There are actually a few variances depending on brand and type of sparkling water. Below I have listed the common ingredients:

  • Citric Acid
  • Natural Flavors
  • Potassium Benzoate
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame Potassium (Ace K)

That is the basic ingredients among all carbonated drinks in one form or another. These ingredients act in conjunction with each other to make this beverage a tasty and satiating one.

Citric Acid
This is a soluble organic compound. This is added to sparkling water for flavor. I know the “acid” word seems scary and in fact this may be my biggest con about sparkling water. There have been studies that show over time the acid can eat away at the enamel of your teeth.

On the flip side of this, let’s note that soda – any soda is minimum 100x worse for your teeth. So you can be the judge on that.

Natural Flavors
These two words may very well be the most controversial words in the health market right now, and there could be an entire thesis written on. In short what “natural flavors” constitutes is that the flavor was derived from a plant or animal, extremely vague.

This is a big problem for some people and if it is for you there are plenty of carbonate water without natural flavors. But here is the thing about it. The FDA doesn’t require any company to include ingredients if they can in fact use the “natural flavor” label.

This doesn’t bother me at all, being a bit of a conspiracy theorist myself. I have bigger fish to fry in this realm.

Potassium Benzoate
This is just a salt preservative. There are plenty of forms of preservatives out there. Manufacturers use these to keep perishable goods from “going bad”. That was a simple one.

Potassium Citrate
This is a remedy in most foods or drinks that are acidic. This makes your urine less acidic. See – you get the greatness of an acidic diet and don’t have to feel the pain.

Sucralose is a strongly debated word, it has been debated since it became popular in 1988. You might know this term better if I were to say “Splenda”. That is what this is, an artificial sweetener. Sucralose is strongly debated in the medical world. Because in some studies is has shown insulin and blood sugar levels to go up.

Not all sparkling water has sucralose. And there is such a small level of it in sparkling water a normal human that is used to a little sugar will not notice a difference. I am sure you know some people who have had some sugar or Splenda before?


There will always be a con to a pro when you want to get the medical world involved. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.


I would really like to eat “grass fed” steaks all the time, but sometimes the grass has been tainted with the family dog “fertilizing” the pasture, in which he was eating processed dog food. The grass growing isn’t so organic anymore is it? Yes this was a bit of a stretch, but I am sure you see my point…maybe?

My opinion on sucralose is that a little doesn’t matter. I am big fan of almost anything in moderation isn’t going to kill ya’. Sucralose has been approved by the FDA since 1988 and has never been taken off the shelves.

Acesulfame Potassium (Ace K)
Better knows as Ace K Acesulfame Potassium is similar to that of Sucralose. Ace K like Splenda is a calorie free sugar substitute. Ace K is 200x sweeter than sugar which means you don’t need much of it to notice a difference in taste.

Again this is something that isn’t required if you want sparkling water. I enjoy the artificial sweetness. I was a big diet soda drinker and this was my substitute, it has work out quite nicely.

The Fasting Place Favorite Sparkling Water Selection

We have compiled what is in our opinion the best sparkling water out there. We aren’t biased they are all pretty good. We have a good range of price also. The Smartwater is new, and pretty good if you ask me. Enjoy

Summary on the Carbonated Compadre’s Ingredients

I have laid out the ingredients to show you that it really isn’t that bad. These ingredients may have a little controversy, like anything. Besides water there isn’t much that can compare to carbonated water.

There are two sides to every tale and carbonated or sparkling water is not different. So…is carbonated water good or bad?

Like stated before I think anything in moderation is just fine. However I think it is just fine to blow this one out of the water. Drinking sparkling water all day I feel would have no adverse effects on the human body. I know some may disagree with this but I just don’t.

I know plenty of humans that rely on soda all day every day and are somehow just fine. This is the human body at work, always adapting. If a human body can adapt to thousands of grams of sugar, and carbs daily. I do believe the human body can adapt to a few ingredients that don’t even show up on a nutrition label.

I wanted to be detailed with what these ingredients do and how they can effect you and your system. The truth is, that after doing a little research – I feel even better about my choice to stick with sparkling water. If we were to dive in to a diet soda the same we just did with sparkling water….o boy. I might get in trouble for trying to murder someone via blog post.

I want to hear what you have to say. Do you agree? Disagree? Do you have an experience with a certain drink that you just love or have diet benefits from. All questions welcome.

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





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  1. Sondra M

    Well Nic, I should have explored your site a bit more before I started whining about having to give up soda if I want to fast.   You made an excellent point about the possible doggy fertilizer contaminating organic grass fed beef.   

    Mentally, I have been trained somewhere to want to avoid Splenda.  So, I would want to avoid water that shares similar ingredients.   Part of why I like Dr. Pepper is that it is sweet.  I also like the carbonated sensation.   It wakes up my mouth.   So, carbonated water sounds like an excellent alternative.   

    I guess I will spend a day or two trying out carbonated waters while I try to decide if I want to start a fast this weekend.  🙂 


    • Nic


      This is what I am talking about – BOOM! 

      I am so happy you got something out of this review of carbonated water. It is so true, almost everything has side effects and you can find something bad about everything. It is kind of a double edge sword. One side of the equation is information overload but the other is great research. 

      I am happy you are making a try at carbonated water, that alone will show you big time results…in a good way. 

      As far as the fasting goes, you should try it…it will change everything. Check out these 2 articles we have about intermittent fasting and a beginners guide. You may know about these but it is always good to refresh the brain.



  2. GeeEss

    I have been struggling with fasting since last so many months and has started guzzling extra cups of coffee which is leading me into disturbed sleeps at night and in some cases sleepless nights also. This leads to drowsy days whcih hampers my professional productivity. Thanks Nic for such an nice article. Your description of the taste of carbonated water made my mouth salivate! I have already ordered my first carton of carbonated water after finishing reading your article. Good bless you. Keep it up.


    • Nic

      Thanks for the read,

      I am a huge coffee drinker so I understand all of the problems with a sleepless night when drinking it late. Sparkling water is a great substitute.

      I like coffee in the morning to get my motor going then I usually stick to sparkling water throughout the day just for the reasons you stated…of sleeplessness.

      I am happy to hear you ordered your first carton of carbonated water, I hope you the best and good luck.

      Let me know how the transition goes!



  3. Nicole Stiles

    You mention that one sparkling water brand has some corn syrup in it. Is it significantly less than soda? If so, it sounds like it could still be a good option for someone trying to cut soda out. I’ve never been a big soda drinker myself. My mom didn’t let me drink it much growing up, and I didn’t really pick it up as an adult. I have a little once in a while, but it’s only a few times a year. 

    • Nic


      Thanks for the comment,

      That is awesome you never had the soda problem. It is great your mother didn’t let you try it. Soda is a big killer of diets and just mood and energy in general. Tonic water is what you are thinking about as far as the corn syrup being an ingredient. 

      Sparkling water itself doesn’t have that ingredient. Tonic water is just in the realm of mineral waters. 



  4. Stew

    I have to agree with you on the ingredients that I wouldn’t worry about them.  Sucralose will be debated for ever because mostly of blood glucose levels that science can’t definitely prove or disprove.

    The one thing I don’t like is drinking water all day long.  It is fairly easy to throw your electrolyte  balance off when that much water does nothing for your body.  You may differ with your opinion and that’s ok.

    I just can’t drink water more than my body needs it.

    • Nic


      Thanks for the read, much appreciated.

      Sucralose will be debated forever you are correct on that, really nothing you can do about it. And yes science will go back and forth forever on this subject. Doesn’t concern me too much.

      I agree with not drinking water all day, that is a personal preference and everyone has that right to make a decision. I would refer to sparkling water more on a satiation principle. Like when I would go on a 72 hour fast or better, just to trick the mind. 

      Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Margarette

    It never occurred to me to use carbonated water when fasting.  I’m not much of a soda person maybe that’s why it never occurred to me to try carbonated water.  Perhaps I’ll give it a try during my next fast and see if I feel differently using it.  Hunger pains are the worst part of fasting in my opinion and anything I can do to lessen that feeling I’ll gladly try. 

    • Nic

      Thanks for the great comments Margarette,

      I am glad that this has served some value to you. Carbonated water will absolutely help you out with your hunger pains. It is also a great source of minerals if you go the mineral water route. 

      I hope you the best in your fasting journey, please stop back in and let us know how your fasting is going!



  6. Roger Bohn

    Thanks for sharing this website, Nic. I know people who dranks carbonated water. Can you put favored drinks in there to make it into a soda or something?

    • Nic

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Great question. You can always add flavor to water, they do have products out there that have zero calories and you can add them. I wouldn’t suggest adding flavor to sparkling water, it really isn’t necessary.

      Let me know if that answered your question, if not feel free to get back at me.



  7. Stefan

    I’m a total fan of sparkling mineral water. In Switzerland I used to drink up to 3 liters a day due to the low price.

    You don’t mention the mineral water here with the benefits of magnesium etc. I think these are the best waters when it comes to carbonated water.

    Now in Thailand it’s not that great any more. If I want to get a sparkling spring water I have to go to a mall and pay a lot of money. Soda is common everywhere but not served cold and I thing misses the main parts, the minerals.

    I think carbonated water is the best filler if you’re on a diet and don’t want to drink sweet beverages. Even to stuff the stomach works fine for me.

    • Nic


      I agree with you on all levels. I recently just read an article about sparkling water with minerals, and you are right. The magnesium is a game changer for health benefits, especially for low T in males. Great insights!

      That is a bummer about Thailand and interesting as well. Why do you suppose that is, the deman for sparkling water in high deman? Popularity? Is Thailand more health conscious and aware? This is intriguing to me. I want to know more!

      Carbonated water is an awesome filler for anyone on the go, and anyone trying to shed some pounds. Thanks for stopping by!



  8. Henry

    Hi Nic! I like sparkling Water. And after reading your review, I even like it more! We probably “acquire” the part of enjoying it! But it’s benefits on our diet are real!

    Thank you for researching all this concerning the “ingredients”. It has really been an interesting read.

    I personally prefer Los Pellegrino, but I haven’t tried Smartwater yet. I’ll give it a try.

    • Nic


      I appreciate the good vibes.

      The benefits that sparkling water can have on anyone’s diet is insurmountable. It really is a game changer. I am glad you enjoyed the read.

      The ingredients really are pretty simple, which makes it easy to go with. The Smartwater is a good upgrade in my opinion from most sparkling waters.



  9. Karina

    I loved this read! I’ve never put much though into sparking water, so I learnt a lot here. I’ve also never fasted (on purpose, anyways), but I totally feel that a glass of sparkling water is much more satisfying and hunger depressing than still water. Do you have a favourite type of brand that you prefer?


    • Nic


      Thanks for the kind words. I truly appreciate it.  Sparkling water has been a great food suppressant for me and for a lot of people that fast or are looking to lose a little weight.

      As far as a favorite sparkling water I do indeed have a favorite. It is actually a generic brand sold in Hy-Vee grocery stores, those are pretty exclusive in the midwestern US. But really I enjoy all of them. Perrier is always a go to for me as well. Thanks for stopping by!



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