21 Day Daniel Fast Diet – Inspiration for Chris Pratt

The world of fasting has since become uber popular within the last few years. Fasting has been used in an array of different spaces. Including specific roles for actors and actresses in movies, killing off dead cells and starting with a fresh body and mind, and for extreme weight loss. Fasting first was introduced ages ago, centuries ago…a lifetime ago.

Chris Pratt has used his celebrity status to bring the Daniel Fast to a new light. He has put religion in the headlines,claiming it will bring him closer to his religious roots. I give the man kudos for fasting and hopefully he can stick with the diet. The religion thing…eh I think you should keep that to yourself. But it is a beautiful country we live in, he can do that.

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt and the 21 day Daniel Fast

Fasting diets date back to the biblical era and was used to become closer to the spiritual being of a God. Almost every religion has a form of fasting for religious purposes. And most regimens have strict rules about what the fasting diet entails. The 21 Day Daniel Fast Diet is no different.

What is the Daniel Fast Diet, Where did it Come From?

The Daniel fast is based on the experience from the prophet Daniel. This diet comes from the diet of the follower of Jesus and not Jesus himself, which is Daniel in this case. The fast is in the book of Daniel specifically in Daniel 1:12 and 10: 2-3. Without getting to deep into religion we can break this down pretty easily.

Daniel mourned for 3 weeks. In these 3 weeks he kept a strict diet regimen of vegetables and other healthy whole

Prophet Daniel
Prophet Daniel

foods. The diet gives the boot to animal protein of any kind. So the fast in my opinion is more of a strict diet than anything and is very much achievable to anyone wanting to try it.

The diet in this fast is a bit ancient and to me seems pretty exciting. Having something from the past be pieced back together for people to experience in this day in age is an awesome representation of history repeating. The 21 Day Daniel Fast Diet originated eons ago. The fasting is simple the diet is a bit strict. Let’s dive into some foods and recipes worthy of a Biblical Fast.

The Food in the Fast

There are many types of fasts out there and this is just another one that abides by strict rules. The difference of this fast is that you still can eat. Everything is in moderation in this diet and there isn’t much altering that can take place. It makes it very simple to abide by and easy to understand. There is a good list and a bad list of foods that go back to the biblical days.

The food you are allowed to eat consists of veggies, fruits, whole grains, beans and legumes and various nuts and seeds. When you see it written down, it doesn’t seem like much of a fast at all, more like a restricted diet. This 21 day fast has some twists to it also however. There is no rich food to be eaten, such as sugars and additives. Alcohol is a no-no and must not be consumed during the 21 day Daniel fast diet.

As far as drinking and fluids are concerned…water. Water is the ancient and biblical beverage of choice on this diet. There are several variations of the Daniel fast and has since had conflicting views on what can be consumed for beverage. Home made almond milk, coconut water and homemade veggie juice has its place in the diet if you are not satisfied with just water.

Dinner for a Prophet

There are many lists of appropriate foods out there for the 21 day Daniel fast diet, and along with that comes an extensive recipe list. This will make the Daniel fast seem like a breeze and maybe suggest a lifestyle change. Not eating meat for 3 weeks would be extremely difficult for me, personally. Having all the essential nutrients and caloric needs would make this fasting diet a breeze in my opinion.

The list of veggies is pretty extensive and really is virtually any organic vegetable. The way I like to think of it is, if the vegetable existed back when Daniel did, then it is good to eat. What I mean is nothing crossed or created. Here is a little list of some veggies.

Vegetables for the fast
  • Artichokes
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Collard Greens
  • Potatoes
  • Celery
  • Mushrooms
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions

The list really does go on and on, these are just a few of them to give you an idea. The only parameters stated for the vegetables is they can be eaten fresh or cooked (not additives). And the vegetables consumed can’t be canned due to preservatives and additives also.

Fruits are also a part of the fasting diet. The list of fruits is also extensive. Below are a few of them.

  • Apples
  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Cantaloupe

    Fruits for Daniel Fast

  • Mangoes
  • Oranges
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Watermelon

The same rules apply to the fruits, fresh and no canned fruit. And typically a fruit with a low glycemic index. The fruit is a side dish per se. The fruit is to be eaten in moderation keeping it to 1-3 servings daily, with the vegetables being the bulk of the fasting diet. You can have dried fruit to spice it up a bit, but again no additives. The whole grains will be what fills you up and will keep a person not feeling so hungry. The whole grains again are to be eaten in moderation.

The list of whole grains is pretty small, but then again there aren’t much variety of ancient whole grains.

Ancient Whole Grains
Whole Grains
  • Brown Rice
  • Oats Quinoa
  • Millet
  • Amaranth
  • Buckwheat

This list is short and I am sure some of you don’t know what Millet or Buckwheat actually are… I didn’t either. But if you are going to tackle this fasting regimen I suggest you get familiar with them. These grains will be the satiation part of the diet. I typically don’t agree with grains at all for a diet, but in this case I feel it unique and historically necessary if you are going to follow the 21 day Daniel fast diet. Not only will the whole grains fill you up, there is also beans and legumes that will compliment them quite nicely.

Preferably organic beans if the appropriate choice for this diet. The list is simple and pretty straight forward. Again these beans and legumes will keep the belly full. Keep in mind that these are to be in moderation as well. With veggies being the main course.

  • Pinto Beans
  • Kidney Beans
  • Garbonzo Beans
  • Black Beans
  • Lentils
  • Split Peas

These are just a few of my favorite beans. I am not a fan of beans and don’t believe they provide much nutritional value in my specific regimen. However, I do find them necessary to stay true to this diet. No canned beans and should be dried and cooked in water only. That will make for an interesting taste. Organic nuts and seeds are also a part of this fast diet.

Organic, raw and/or unsalted nuts and seeds are the route here. Just like Daniel in the past. No additives but can be roasted. This is pretty straight forward. Here is a list of a few.

  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Flax Seed
  • Mustard Seed
  • Walnuts

This is where I was delighted when I came across this part of the diet. Almonds are my go to snack. I have always been an advocate for nuts. There are some betters than others in my opinion. But the rules of the diet are to eat the nuts in an organic state, which make them all pretty reasonable.

With all of these great ingredients, we just have to dive into a few recipes that I find to be quite delicious myself.

A Couple Ancient Recipes

Banana Burritos
Banana burritos, sounds pretty good doesn’t it…or just weird. These little guys are a great source of energy, especially if you are working out during the fast or need a little boost. The combination of the food below will keep you satiated for the better part of a day.


  • 4 Whole wheat tortillas
  • 2 Bananas, diced
  • 1/2 cup strawberries, choped
  • 8 tablespoons peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup granols

    Disperse 2 tablespoons of peanut butter on a tortilla. Then place bananas, strawberries and some granola on top.

Very simple and quick to make. These are delicious. I eat these on a weekly basis regardless of what regimen I may be on.

Beet, Mushroom and Avocado Salad

I have never had beets before I came across this recipe. I tried them and not too much of a fan. However mixed with this salad they become something else. I suggest giving it a go.

  • 4 medium portobello mushroom caps
  • 1/4 c. lemon juice
  • 3 tbsp. Olive oil
  • 1 small shallot, finely chopped
  • 5 oz. baby kale
  • 8 oz. precooked beets, chopped
  • 2 ripe avocados, thinly sliced
  • 2 sheets matzo – made into small chunks


On large rimmed baking sheet, spray portobello mushroom caps with nonstick cooking spray and sprinkle with 1/2 teaspoon salt; roast at 400 F 20 minutes or until tender.

Whisk lemon juice, olive oil, shallot and 1/4 teaspoon each salt and pepper; toss half with baby kale and beets. Divide among serving plates. Top with avocados, matzo, and portobellos, thinly sliced. Serve with remaining dressing on the side.

The Bottom Line for the 21 Day Daniel Fast Diet

That is a pretty extensive list of food you can eat on this “fast”. I think the only thing left off was a #1 at McDonald’s. Having said that I do believe that this is hardly a fast in my opinion, and much more of dedication to diet for a religious cause. Nonetheless, I do think this would promote healthy lifestyle changes and a better understanding of self.


I find the 21 day Daniel fast diet intriguing because of the history. I like seeing things of the past stick around and resurface. I would suggest giving this a try, if not for 21 days, maybe a week or a few days. It goes without saying, but this fasting diet may be a bit cashy. Unless you own a nut farm, have a great garden and some orchards be prepared to dish out some dough for this diet.

If you have questions or have any fun recipes or tricks to add to the 21 Day Daniel Fasting Diet, please share below in the comments.

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri



Growth Mindset Assembly – 5 Items to new Thinking

The human brain is a crazy tool that we as a race under-utilize. Time and time again, we set limitations on ourselves. Telling ourselves something over and over, this will eventually stick and we will believe it. When you let others influence the way you think, you are failing the brain. Your mind should be its own, and no one else.

Impossible is a relative term. My impossible may be 180 degrees different from yours. A growth mindset is something that I strongly believe everyone should research and adopt.

Complacency is something that “us” (meaning humans) as a culture consider “part of life”. As a person we should never become complacent, ever. To be the best should always pass through your brain – daily, hourly, by the minute.

We will be diving into an entire series of articles dedicated to those ideas and successes by humans later on. But for now – this list of the Growth Mindset Assembly will get you in the right direction.


Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

Carol Dweck has unlocked the world of a growth mindset in the holy grail of “mindset”. Dweck who has a Ph. D from the University of Stanford has compiled years – decades of research into a well-thought-out book. Dweck has opened up a realm not known to most. The Growth Mindset – people who believe that all abilities and skills are developed. As opposed to a Fixed Mindset – which is people who believe that their abilities have been in fact fixed.

Mindset shows how the best people on the planet use a Growth Mindset. Ranging from Olympic athletes, hall of fame coaches, extraordinary parents, teachers – the list goes on. The newest edition is out now where Dweck dives into applying the Growth Mindset to not just individuals but cultures as well.

YouTube Channel

Impact Theory – Tom Bilyeu

This YouTube Channel will draw you in and you will be subscribing in no time. Tom Bilyeu is the founder of Quest Nutrition and has a unique story himself. He went from rags-to-riches keeping his head on straight and a clear mission of what he wanted. In 2018 his net worth is estimated at $400 million easily ranking him among one of the top entrepreneurs of the year.

The channel is based around the idea of unlocking every persons potential. And that human brilliance is limitless. He has had an array of guests exploring potentional and what can be achieved through hard work, grit and the mind. Some guest he has had on include: David Goggins, Simon Sinek, Devon Still, Rob Drydek, Carol Dweck, Ryan Holliday, Tucker Max, Nastia Liukin – the list is endless. You can check out the site here Impact Theory

I have attached one of my favorite inspirational videos of all time below. David Goggins, you don’t know him – you should get to known him. Zero excuses.

Someone to Follow

Tim Ferris @timferris

Tim Ferris is a 5 time best-selling author on the New York Times best-sellers list. He is author of epic books such as Tools of Titans and the uber famous 4-hour work week. Tim Ferris is truly and inspiration to me and to millions of hopeful entrepreneurs around the world.

Tim is one of kind in all aspects. He has a unique writing presence and truly is an artist. He also has won a kickboxing gold medal. He didn’t win this conventionally however, he like most things in his life…out smarted everyone. He used the rules (or lack their of) to get this task done.

This wasn’t cheating at all, he took advantage of the situation. You can check out the blurb from his 4-hour work week book here.

Tim has a no nonsense approach to life, he finds the best ways to hack through BS and capitalizes on it. I strongly urge you follow this man on his platforms. His Instagram account will get you started.

Article to Read

How To Digest Books Above Your “Level” And Increase Your Intelligence – Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is a best-selling author of books like The Ego is the Enemy and a personal favorite The Obstacle is the Way. Ryan is a believer in the growth mindset and adapts this to everyday life. He is knows as a true modern stoic with great philosophical yet binary view of marketing and entrepreneurship.

Check out the article HERE

When it comes to getting to the point of something, Ryan will get you their – whether you like it or not. He cuts through a mess of your past to get down to the point. He isn’t one to care much for you feelings he is more of a “results” type of guy. Truly an inspiration.

This article is a must read if you are looking to retain knowledge in your reading. I know I am. This article is maybe a 10-minute read and the take-a-ways are amazing. This is also hosted on the site The Medium. Another great tool to add.

Podcast to Check out

Lewis Howes with James Lawrence (The Iron Cowboy)

Lewis Howes is an inspirational voice that has changed the way I tackle the world. Howes had many setbacks growing up as a kid. He came from a divorced home, had an older brother do jail time, had a career ending injury in his outlet of sports. He hit rock bottom, and from that emerged a great man. Truly grateful for Lewis Howes and his vision.

His podcast is with legendary “Iron Cowboy” James Lawrence –Become Superhuman and Achieve the Impossible. If you don’t known who the Iron Cowboy is, then read a book – in fact, read his book INSERT.

James Lawrence holds the world record for the most Iron Mans (triathlons) in a calendar year. He did 50! Not only did he do 50 in a year. He did 50 in 50 consecutive days, in 50 different states! This man truly is an inspiration, with 5 kids and a wife they toured the country and completed this “impossible” task.

Lewis dives straight into the mindset aspect and how to tackle it all with the Iron Cowboy. Great Podcast to check out. You think you area tough person – think again.

Growth Mindset Assembly – Adopt it!

Understanding what a growth mindset can do for you is vital to living a full life. This should in no way offend you, but rather should excite you.

This should empower you, encourage you. This information will open up doors that very well may have been shut your entire life. Knowing their is more, and knowing how simple it is. This site is dedicated to fasting, diet and mindset. Without mindset, you will get nowhere.

Check out these 5 items above – I promise it will change your life.

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri


Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer Review

Product: Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium Waste Trimmer
$20.95 – $30.95
Cheapest Place to Buy:
5 unique sizes
10 out of 10

I wear a Waist Trimmer Belt

I have always worked out with a waist trimming belt, at least since junior high. Maybe not for the reason most people wear one. I had experienced a severe lower back injury when I was younger and have always bought a waist trimming belt for all of my athletics since. I really used it just as security, as it had little to no support on my actual back.

As time moved on, I consistently wore a waist trimming belt. Trying out different belts all the time. Ranging from name brand to cheap ones from a retail store. As I got older, I started using the trimmer belt for what it was intended for. To lose some belly weight and sweat more. I still wear a belt for security of my back issue however.

The older I become and the less amount of time I have to workout, the more I care about quality of what products I am using. In all aspects of going to the gym. Shoes, workout clothes, headphones, drinks, pre-workout and recently the Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer. Sports Research has come out with yet again another great rendition to a classic – I will never buy a different belt again.

Quality is Insane

The Sweet Sweat waist trimmer stands out for an array of reasons. The first thing I noticed was the physical quality. This belt is durable and built to last. I really just gave this belt a try, it had great reviews and the price was right…what would I lose? Hopefully some belly fat.

Let’s dive into the construction of the Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer

Latex Free – Neoprene
Very sturdy and has a latex free neoprene inside. This induces sweating tremendously. The neoprene also has the unique ability to repel sweat. This product is different, in that it won’t get your clothes completely soaked with sweat…a plus.

Double Velcro
The belt has double Velcro for an extended life. I have had this belt for four months and use it regularly. Still, in great condition. The Velcro is a heavier duty Velcro than most trimmer belts, I can attest to that. The double Velcro makes it so there is little bunching and no “coming undone”.

Overlock Stitching
The overlock stitching provides a little more comfort than trimmers in the past, in my opinion. And personally the overlock system looks cool, has a great aesthetic presence that most belts don’t have. This makes it more “fashionable to wear it over the clothes if you don’t like the contact to the skin.

I was extremely impressed how much this actually supported my lower back. I didn’t buy this belt with any intention of support, more for the sweating. I was surprised to note this doubles as some support. It isn’t like a weight belt by any means, but it works for what I need. Very impressed.

5 Different Sizes

The waist trimmer comes in 5 different sizes. This is unique to the waist trimmer game. Ranging from small to XXL this belt is for everyone looking to shed some poundage.

  • Small – 8″ x 35″
  • Medium – 8″ x 41″
  • Large – 9″ x 46″
  • XL – 10″ x 51″
  • XXL – 10″ x 60″

Five different sizes for every shape and size. This is a great step up in the waist trimmer world. I will note to you that you should order a belt smaller than what you think. I did a little research before ordering mine, and I figured on a large. After reading reviews I went with a medium. I am glad I did, because honestly I could of even done a “snug small”.

So with all products, especially new ones – their are some downsides. There really isn’t many to name, but they are worth noting.

What’s Not to Like

I really don’t have much bad to say about the Sweet Sweat Premium waist trimmer. There are a couple things that I wish they could figure out however in the waist trimmer world. And this one is no different.

Not Machine Washable
The biggest problem I have with any waist trimmer is that they aren’t machine washable. Most of this is due to the composition of the product. The easy fix is to just spray it off in the shower.

They Run Big
The reviews aren’t kidding when they say “buy a smaller size”. I went smaller than what I originally thought and I was still close to getting the wrong size. Just get a smaller size than you think, simple fix.

I haven’t the issue of being allergic to neoprene. But if you are in fact allergic to neoprene or have sensitive skin, I suggest you put this product outside of your clothes ONLY.

The Gel
They send you a free “gel” (they did with mine anyway) and it really does induce sweat. The problem is that it really isn’t much, maybe enough for one or two workouts. But hey, it’s a free sample.

Before you head off to check this belt out, I will leave you with a few more highlights of the Sweet Sweat premium waist trimmer.

Sleek and Easily Hidden

The design that they have come up with over at Sports Research is truly one for fashion. Let’s face it a waist trimmer can be bulky and add unwanted bulk to your look. I know going to the gym isn’t always about what you look like…

or is it? <===Again, let’s be honest.

This is very slim and is hardly noticeable under clothing. The great thing about the Sweet Sweat Premium Waste Trimmer is that it can easily go over your clothes as well. The neoprene will stick to the clothing as well as skin. This product actually looks like it “belongs” if you decide on the outside of the clothes.

The waist trimmer has two different color options, yellow and pink. There is a nice looking logo on the trimmer as well. The comfort ability of the belt makes it easy to forget about, honestly. Usually with all of my other previous escapades I would always end up taking the belt off toward the end of my workout for one reason or another. Not with this one.

What to Expect with the Waist Trimmer

This belt came with a sample of their sweet sweat gel, which was great because I got to try out their product. This product does induce sweating, but really isn’t necessary at all. It also comes with a handy bag to store your waist trimmer belt in. I actually use the bag for my headphones and stuff – either way you get a free bag with it. They really stand by the product, love seeing that.

Why the Sweet Sweat Trimmer?

This belt is above most in this space. Especially for the price, you just can’t go wrong. I have gone through probably easily 100 waist trimming belts since I began wearing them 15 years ago and up to this point they have all been…meh. This belt really is a nice sleek and practical design that serves as a great intro to getting that belly slim. More importantly this gets sweating going quickly.

There are plenty of reasons to give the Sweet Sweat premium waist trimmer a try. I am an experienced waist trimmer belt wearer (if that isn’t a tough guy “kind of thing” to claim to be!). I have been down the road of throwing away belt after belt for various reasons.

Overall I give this belt at 10 out of 10

Until they come out with the “next best thing” in the waist trimmer world. The Sweet Sweat Premium Waste Trimmer by Sports Research has my vote, hands down.

I like to get down to the black and white of everything. The bottom line is that this is a quality product. For this product flirting in the 20$ range, it’s a no brainer. You can’t even buy a pair of workout shorts for that kind of money.

Give it a shot, if nothing else – it will make you sweat!

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





Fasting Tips and Tricks – 5 Mind Hacks

Doing anything special deserves special treatment. Whether you want to run a marathon or going to get your PHD there are sacrifices to make along the way. If you have decided to do an extended fast or even an intermittent fast, you will need some help.

Encouragement from a loved one or from The Fasting Place may not be enough for you to battle the elements of fasting. Fasting will test your mind more than anything involved. It all starts in the mind. Before you even start you have told yourself “OK we are going to do a fast” immediately that will constantly go through your mind.

Knowing you are not going to eat for whatever period you have chosen will be a constant reminder. A constant reminder to “try again later” or “one more meal, then we will start” or “after the holidays”. Whatever it may be, your mind wants food, you have to make the decision to say “I am the boss and I want to do this”.

Fasting Tips and Tricks
Fasting Tips and Tricks

The mind is a funny thing, you can double and triple think yourself into anything. When you have to go to battle with your mind and body – the mind will win EVERY SINGLE TIME – BAR NONE. We have come up with a list of fasting tips and tricks – 5 mind hacks. You will have enough to deal with by starting down a fasting road. These mind hacks will alleviate some of them.

Stick around to the end and we have two huge secret weapons to add to your arsenal when it comes to a long term fast.

Overview of Fasting Tips and Tricks

Before we get to far into the 5 mind tricks. Understand that fasting isn’t easy, and if everyone could do it, they would. It is very easy to give up and that is what a few of these Jedi mind tricks are for. To stop making excuses. A few of these are just plain common sense and a few are seriously about tricking your mind into things. It truly is a secret weapon in the fasting world that few can grasp.

So with 5 fasting tips and tricks to cover lets get hacking. I will put a list right below this block for quick reference, so you know what to expect.

  1. Research – Do a Little Reading Before Jumping In
  2. Schedule – Set up a Schedule Before you Start
  3. Log – Keep track of Metrics During your Fast
  4. Set a Weight Loss Goal – Put a Number to it
  5. Drink Water!

Research – Do a Little Reading Before Jumping In

Before doing anything it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with said item. For example – if you were going to go fishing in northern Canada for pike and walleye you would need to do some research, at least for it to be successful anyway. This brings up another good point. Some people may be able to fly off the cuff and succeed, these are few and far between. Most things worth having in life are hard…very hard.

Research, scrabble, fasting tips and tricks
Research fasting tips and tricks

The easy stuff is saturated and everybody loves the easy stuff, it also puts you in the 99%. I suggest reading some mindset books before starting down the fasting route. Sure doing some research about fasting as well, but it really is simple if you are going to do water fast…don’t eat.

It all starts in the mind, as stated before. Researching the mind a bit will solidify to yourself that you can in fact do this.

If research isn’t your thing, here is the bones of what you really need to know before starting a fast

  • Law of Attraction
  • This is going to be harder than you think
  • You will feel like you are getting sick
  • Watch a few videos of success stories, so you know you can do it also
  • You will benefit from this

My favorite reason is that not everyone can do this. You will have plenty of people tell you ignorant things along the way. You will have to ignore them. You have to keep telling yourself, well I am doing something that damn near 95% of the human race can’t do.

Research is an important component before starting a fast. Depending on your goals it will change what you research, we will get into that in a bit. Setting a schedule is number two, just has to happen.

Schedule – Set up a Schedule Before you Start

Scheduling goes hand in hand with accountability. Holding yourself to a standard that is written down will force your mind to argue. It is much easier to tell yourself “ah, maybe next time” if you don’t write it down. I personally wrote down these words when I did a 10-day fast.

“You know at some point, you will talk yourself into giving up – because you are effing smart and can work around your own thoughts. This note is here to remind you to not give up – if you do – time has been wasted”

Schedule, fasting tips and trick
Schedule Fasting

Writing down these little statements makes it almost humorous when you get to the point of giving up. It really did help me, and upset off all at the same time.

Schedules don’t have to have a blueprint or there isn’t a specific way to schedule a fast. For me it was – I am not going to eat for 10 days – the rest will be figured out. For some it might be down to the hour. Really you just need some evidence that you committed to yourself.

Log – Keep track of Metrics During your Fast

We have said it before here at The Fasting Place – Log EVERYTHING. Leading up to your fast journey start a log. This can be either written down or if you want to keep it on your computer, it doesn’t matter as long as you are tracking. There are plenty of apps out there as well that can do this for you.

If you remember Matt from our article The Beginners Guide to Fasting he is using an app to log all of his progress. And it is working great for him. The app is called Zero Fasting Tracker and it is free! This app helps you set up your window time for re-feed and fasting. It is a real nice tool to have.

I myself like the old school way. I have a journal that I bought from Barnes and Noble and keep notes on everything. I may go overboard on what metrics I use, but you have to see results to keep you moving in the right direction…right? Below I have listed the metrics I use, feel free to pick and chose which ones you like. Also, it is totally up to the person fasting. What is important for “you” to see change.

  • Physical Dimensions (weekly)
    • Waist dimension
    • Bicep dimension
    • Neck dimension
    • Thigh dimension

      measuring, fasting tips and tricks
      Measuring dimensions for fasting

    • Wrist dimension
  • Weight loss (daily)
  • Water intake – ounces daily
  • Sparkling Water intake – ounces daily
  • Calorie intake (only if intermittent fasting of course)
  • Coffee intake ounces daily (usually 8 ounces, no more than 12 ounces)
  • Sleep
    • Duration of uninterrupted sleep
    • Bed time (i.e. 8:00 pm)
    • Awake time (i.e. 5:00 am)
  • Exercise
    • Type of exercise
    • Duration
    • Weight before and after workout
  • Summary
    • I always write a brief summary of how the day went. How I was feeling, hungry, upset, tired, full of energy etc. What I did that day also as far exercises. I always end with what I did with my kiddos and wife. Did we go for a walk with the dog, jump on the trampoline, yard work. I like to keep it a journal of personal experience as well. This will be something to look back on in the years to come. Enjoy the ride

Set a Weight-Loss Goal – Set a Bunch of Goals!

Personal experience here is always set a weight loss goal…ALWAYS. Even if your reason to fast has nothing to do with weight loss make this a goal…here’s why.

Whether you are 10 pounds heavy or 10 pounds underweight, there is an emotional attachment to that magic number. It is a number that defines a part of you. Whether you tell yourself it is important or not…it is. It is one of the few things in a person’s life they always know. Maybe not exactly but they always know roughly how much they weigh.

There are psychological advantages to tracking your weight. This is very useful when fasting of course. Because you are going to lose weight, there is no way around that if you stick to your guns…so track it. This shows progress.

Set more Goals
Set as many goals as you want. I set daily and weekly goals when I go on an intense fast. These goals can be simple, very simple. I set them sometimes just so I can achieve them. Confidence is something your mind will need if you are on day 5 of a 10-day fast. Believe that.

Here are few examples of “mini goals”

Mini Goal Setting

  • Read 1 chapter of a book or simply start reading a good book
  • Do 50 push-ups today – anyway, anytime no matter what
  • Take the kids for a half mile jog in the stroller
  • Drink 1 gallon of water
  • Give 5 people during the day a “big thank you” show gratitude
read, fasting, fasting tips and tricks
Reading for mini goals

These are silly goals, and I am sure you get the idea. Keep yourself busy by setting goals. This will consume your time and push you toward checking each on off.

We have gone over a few of the more psychological hacks, which are very important. But fasting is very much so a physical chore. Your body is going to hate you for a little bit, and that is fine. Exit the comfort zone and get pleasantly uncomfortable.

Drink Water!

This may sound simple, that is because it is. There is a recurring theme with fasting and weight loss – SIMPLICITY. That is what I love about it. It is binary and simple. The hard part is training the body and mind. Drink, drink and drink. Water.

Some people stray away from drinking too much water, afraid they will get what is known as water intoxication. This is a real thing. Fun fact about it –

Andy Warhol’s family accused the hospital of water intoxication as what constituted his death.

soup, can, warhol
Can of soup painted by Andy Warhol

Nonetheless death by water intoxication is extremely rare and usual cases are from “water drinking contests” – yea that is a thing. Drinking a gallon of water for 10 days straight with no electrolytes is fine for most. If you are worried about it, consult a physician before and you can find way to measure your balance of electrolytes if you get too worried about it.

If you are intermittent fasting, water intake will not be a big deal at all. You will (or should) be balancing your electrolyte level daily. If you are going on an extended fast, you are more than likely aware of risks and dangers of water intoxication, and everything else that goes along with side effects of a long term fast.

If you have questions about this issue, email me and we can dive in further to it. We are happy to help, always!

OK, I said we had some secret weapons to share with you if you stayed to the end of the article. Or if you just by passed all the goodies above and got here. Either way – 2 hacks that will trick the mind into thinking your body consumed calories. These 2 hacks really work and will help you through the toughest of times.

Carbonated (Sparkling) Water

We recently dove into Carbonated Water Good or Bad. You can read in the link <=== back there, or just take my word for it…it is fine and actually good for you.

Sparkling water has a carbonation when opened (obviously) and this simple element tricks your mind in to “fullness”. Drinking 32 ounces or so of sparkling water (16 each time) will help to replace unwanted hunger pains in the beginning of a fast.

Furthermore the flavor will add some color to your palate, this is essential when fasting. Just plain water can get pretty boring. So mix it up with some sparkling water.


Yep…just salt.

Keeping little packets of salt on hand when fasting is great satiator…(is that a word?) whatever. If will do the same as sparkling water. Throwing a pinch or two of salt underneath your tongue will retain some water in your system.

More importantly than that, the salt dissolving under your tongue will again make your mind think you ate a meal. Your hunger pang and pains to a minimum.

Fasting Tips and Tricks Summary

This has been a great introduction to how I have started a fast. I still use all of these methods today. There are always hacks to add in and take away as time goes on. These are the most important hacks I have come up worth for weight loss. These hacks will get you through the tough times.

By doing the research, logging your experience, drinking the water etc. – will hold you accountable and will make it hard to not follow through. Otherwise, that would be a big waste of time. When it comes to committing to a diet or weight loss plan, wasted time is the culprit of resentment.

Fasting is binary, black and white. It is you vs. you. You are the one to say “nope” and you are the one to say “let’s do this”. It isn’t that easy, but with a few fasting tips and tricks, you will be well on your way to satisfying all of your goals.

Please post below in the comments if you enjoyed this read. We want to here your experiences, post ’em!

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





Carbonated Water Good or Bad? – Fizzy Facts

One of my favorite beverages is carbonated water, it is refreshing, zero calories and it is a great alternative to soda. Soda used to be my vice and it really put a damper on things, switching to carbonated water has been a game changer. I used carbonated water for almost all the fasting techniques I use, and I have maintained a pretty decent weight.

Is sparkling water good or bad
Is sparkling water good or bad

There has been some noise circling the carbonated (sparkling) water world in relation to dieting, fitness and fasting. Carbonated water or better known as sparkling water has been around for quite some time. There are several types of sparkling water, quite a bit more with the new era.

There may be some misconceptions of what is good for you and bad for you…as far as fasting or dieting is concerned. In this article we are going to either debunk or confirm some of these topics…a good ole’ pro and con if you will. Let’s dive in – is carbonated water good or bad?

What is Carbonated (sparkling) Water

So what is it, all I knew before starting down a health road was it was cheap, tasted like stale water and had zero nutritional value. Well…most of that is still true believe it or not. But what actually is the stuff?

Carbonated water is water that has been mixed with carbon dioxide under pressure. This is why when you open a can or twist open a top you get the fuzzy sensation of a soda, just love it when it tickles the lips (OK a little weird, but true). There are several types of sparkling water on the market. With that will come different ingredients.

carbonated water
carbonated water

Before we get deep into if carbonated water is good or bad. I want to let you all in on why it is my beverage of choice. Just to give you a little background of my relationship with the bubbly masterpiece. I know that seems extreme, but it has helped me reduce my sugar intake, cut out certain elements of my diet completely and all around made me lose weight. For that I owe fizzy water some gratitude.

Sparkling Water and Fasting

I came across sparkling water as a food suppressant when I was researching fasting. I really never did like the taste much of any sparkling water before this. I started with some intermittent fasting and a pretty “loose diet” plan. I soon introduced sparkling water into my diet, and it helped me 10 fold.

I started drinking sparkling water on a regular basis and haven’t looked back. I know enjoy the taste. Maybe it is acquired, maybe it’s because of the zero everything in it or maybe it is just the satiation.

If you aren’t familiar with the term satiate, it means to satisfy. In the essence of fasting it helps replace meals. It tricks the body into thinking you ate something. It is truly unbelievable how well this tackles the hunger pains. Sparkling water is great on long flight or any type of long travel.

Great for on the go
Great for on the go

Being hungry is terrible in any situation. If you are someone that is always on the go sparkling water is easy to throw in a bag and go. Some will use coffee to satiate and that is fine, I also use it for that reason. Sparkling water has a refreshing quality that coffee just doesn’t have for me.

When I started fasting, sparkling water was my counterpart and has stuck with me.

I really didn’t want to dive into anything scientific with the ingredients but I would be doing the sparkling water community a disservice if I just had my biased opinion. I am not going to bore you with too many details, but I feel if you have read this far, might as well stay tuned for some fizzy facts.

Fizzy Facts

Sparkling water does have a small list of ingredients. This is where the controversy comes in, this is the panties getting bunched up stage of the game.

Like anything amazing – controversy is everywhere. The Fasting Place is here to go to battle for the carbonated crusader.

Like stated previously there are many types of sparkling water. There are generic brands almost in any grocery store along with name brands like La Croix, Perrier and San Pellegrino to name a few. If you have any questions about what sparkling water may be here is a short list to clear it up:

  • Carbonated Water
  • Sparkling Water
  • Club Soda
  • Soda Water
  • Seltzer

Tonic water is a sparkling water however it doesn’t make the cut in my opinion. The ingredients in tonic water include some sugar and a corn syrup mix.

If you have ever sipped on a Los Pellegrino or Perrier sparkling water you may note the bland and almost over bearing mineral taste (which I enjoy from time to time, actually). This is because it is spring fed water and has an array of minerals and sulfur that are toned down a bit in the production phase.

Some simple facts of sparkling water is that it is carbonated water which is under pressure from mixing it with carbon dioxide gas and there are a few ingredients. If you are on the fence of the carbonated water, I am sure you are just dying to know what these ingredients are? Well there is nothing to hide here, lets reveal this nasty concoction.

The Carbonated Cocktail

There aren’t many ingredients when it comes to carbonated water. There are actually a few variances depending on brand and type of sparkling water. Below I have listed the common ingredients:

  • Citric Acid
  • Natural Flavors
  • Potassium Benzoate
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame Potassium (Ace K)

That is the basic ingredients among all carbonated drinks in one form or another. These ingredients act in conjunction with each other to make this beverage a tasty and satiating one.

Citric Acid
This is a soluble organic compound. This is added to sparkling water for flavor. I know the “acid” word seems scary and in fact this may be my biggest con about sparkling water. There have been studies that show over time the acid can eat away at the enamel of your teeth.

On the flip side of this, let’s note that soda – any soda is minimum 100x worse for your teeth. So you can be the judge on that.

Natural Flavors
These two words may very well be the most controversial words in the health market right now, and there could be an entire thesis written on. In short what “natural flavors” constitutes is that the flavor was derived from a plant or animal, extremely vague.

This is a big problem for some people and if it is for you there are plenty of carbonate water without natural flavors. But here is the thing about it. The FDA doesn’t require any company to include ingredients if they can in fact use the “natural flavor” label.

This doesn’t bother me at all, being a bit of a conspiracy theorist myself. I have bigger fish to fry in this realm.

Potassium Benzoate
This is just a salt preservative. There are plenty of forms of preservatives out there. Manufacturers use these to keep perishable goods from “going bad”. That was a simple one.

Potassium Citrate
This is a remedy in most foods or drinks that are acidic. This makes your urine less acidic. See – you get the greatness of an acidic diet and don’t have to feel the pain.

Sucralose is a strongly debated word, it has been debated since it became popular in 1988. You might know this term better if I were to say “Splenda”. That is what this is, an artificial sweetener. Sucralose is strongly debated in the medical world. Because in some studies is has shown insulin and blood sugar levels to go up.

Not all sparkling water has sucralose. And there is such a small level of it in sparkling water a normal human that is used to a little sugar will not notice a difference. I am sure you know some people who have had some sugar or Splenda before?


There will always be a con to a pro when you want to get the medical world involved. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.


I would really like to eat “grass fed” steaks all the time, but sometimes the grass has been tainted with the family dog “fertilizing” the pasture, in which he was eating processed dog food. The grass growing isn’t so organic anymore is it? Yes this was a bit of a stretch, but I am sure you see my point…maybe?

My opinion on sucralose is that a little doesn’t matter. I am big fan of almost anything in moderation isn’t going to kill ya’. Sucralose has been approved by the FDA since 1988 and has never been taken off the shelves.

Acesulfame Potassium (Ace K)
Better knows as Ace K Acesulfame Potassium is similar to that of Sucralose. Ace K like Splenda is a calorie free sugar substitute. Ace K is 200x sweeter than sugar which means you don’t need much of it to notice a difference in taste.

Again this is something that isn’t required if you want sparkling water. I enjoy the artificial sweetness. I was a big diet soda drinker and this was my substitute, it has work out quite nicely.

The Fasting Place Favorite Sparkling Water Selection

We have compiled what is in our opinion the best sparkling water out there. We aren’t biased they are all pretty good. We have a good range of price also. The Smartwater is new, and pretty good if you ask me. Enjoy

Summary on the Carbonated Compadre’s Ingredients

I have laid out the ingredients to show you that it really isn’t that bad. These ingredients may have a little controversy, like anything. Besides water there isn’t much that can compare to carbonated water.

There are two sides to every tale and carbonated or sparkling water is not different. So…is carbonated water good or bad?

Like stated before I think anything in moderation is just fine. However I think it is just fine to blow this one out of the water. Drinking sparkling water all day I feel would have no adverse effects on the human body. I know some may disagree with this but I just don’t.

I know plenty of humans that rely on soda all day every day and are somehow just fine. This is the human body at work, always adapting. If a human body can adapt to thousands of grams of sugar, and carbs daily. I do believe the human body can adapt to a few ingredients that don’t even show up on a nutrition label.

I wanted to be detailed with what these ingredients do and how they can effect you and your system. The truth is, that after doing a little research – I feel even better about my choice to stick with sparkling water. If we were to dive in to a diet soda the same we just did with sparkling water….o boy. I might get in trouble for trying to murder someone via blog post.

I want to hear what you have to say. Do you agree? Disagree? Do you have an experience with a certain drink that you just love or have diet benefits from. All questions welcome.

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





Beginners Guide to Fasting – Where to Start?

The fasting community is a popular and growing community with many experts in the field. Due to the increase of popularity there have been an influx in intermittent and long term fasting studies done. Studies range from weight loss to the not so obvious of things like “autophagy” and “mitochondrial biogenesis”. There is also a dark side of the fasting community. A side in which studies are stating that it isn’t good for you.

Like any trend, idea, new business – you name it. There will be someone playing devil’s advocate. This is a large world with many diet ideas out there. Some work for others and some don’t. When I was a kid is vastly different from what you hear nowadays. And 30 years from now will be something yet again very different.

fasting for beginner
virtruvian man

The way I see this “my diet is better than yours” is very simple. The rate at which humans are living is exponentially increasing as time moves on. The food we eat is a direct reflection of our existence, of our longevity. Of course there are other factors that go into place. But diet and exercise rank up there in my opinion. Fasting is a great way to explore your potential mentally and physically. The fasting place has put together a little article about the beginners guide to fasting…enjoy.

The Right Reasons

Not one idea or “fad” is going to work for everyone. Some people really enjoy food; like really…to the point of deleting you as a fiend on Facebook. And that is fine, completely fine – that is a joy of being a human. Some people are looking for a change and will try anything to tackle that goal. And for me it was believing in the binary principles of it. Knowing I will benefit from fasting, intermittently and long term fasts.

Whatever diet and plan a person has decided on should be an important decision. I don’t believe in a “fad” idea because like fads, they all seem to die out. Creating a lifestyle change is more of the way I like to see it. I admit that it is a struggle to commit 100% to something like a fasted regimen (I am proof that is a work in progress).

But if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. I have ultimately found benefits in fasting and certain diets with high fat in them – that is me – my personal experience. I have found it much more beneficial than not.

I am going to focus on the reasons started me down a fasting road. The couple that stood out to me were obviously


weight loss, at a rapid rate and mental clarity. Although I wasn’t too sure about the mental clarity I knew I wanted to lose some weight and do it fast. The mental clarity was a bonus. Along with those two benefits came an array of others

that I found beneficial. That is why we have the beginners guide to fasting.

But when starting out it is hard to focus on what is important to remember. With an enormous amount of information out there on fasting, I found out the hard way by not having a clear mission or plan. I ended up benefiting from the trial runs, but I have outlined what I wish I knew about fasting before I started.

The Fasting Place has come up with a simple and easy way to understand what you need to know before fasting. The creation of the Fasting Beginners Guide is about to begin.

Fasting – When Starting Out

When I first heard of fasting for health benefits, it intrigued me. I was wanting to know more and that is what I did. I researched and watched videos, understood the lingo, the dangers and most importantly I was empowering myself with a new way of dieting and losing weight. The key take-aways through all of the research were the simple ones.

You aren’t Starving – You’re Hungry

Starving is to suffer severely or starve from food. Take the first part of this definition “suffer severely”. You could be 65 pounds overweight, that is suffering severely in my mind. Suffering severely can be taken to any context that any person sees fit. If you are doing something for a reason…a good reason, there may be some suffering involved.

Hungry not starving

There will be “signs” that will tell you to quite your fast whether it be intermittent or a 72 hours fast. Signs is in quotes because this is just your body telling your mind “hey we aren’t used to this, please shove some food down the throat”. There will be a bit of a “flu feeling”. See some examples of some signs –

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Hunger

Seems pretty obvious right? Knowing this going in will help in a few different ways. You will prepare you mind knowing this will occur and won’t bail at the first sign of weakness. You body will adapt knowing that you have in fact prepared for this. Don’t take my word for it…it’s science. The above really does go hand in hand for both intermittent and a longer term fast. But in case you were wanting to decipher a few key components between the two – let’s get down to it.


To get started – What is intermittent fasting.

Well it is where you have predetermined window of fasting (non eating) and eating. There are various diet plans and regimens associated with intermittent fasting. This is more of an umbrella term for different variations.

Fasting plate
Fasting intermittent 5:2

The Fasting Place Definition of Intermittent Fasting: Not eating any calories until 2:00 pm. We suggest 8-12 oz of black coffee in the morning.

So if you are gong to start intermittent fasting (which is what we suggest, before jumping into something longer fast), there a couple different things to keep in mind that vary from a longer fast. These are The Fasting Place grade “A” opinions, you can change them up any way you please. These have just been our proven model.

You will be eating on a set schedule and will likely be hungry for your feeding window. For obvious reasons it is important to set a schedule and stick with it! Whatever schedule you set for yourself – stay with it, no matter what. We have some examples of our top choice for starting an intermittent fasting routine.Check it out here.

Along with a schedule you should place a calorie deficit on yourself. This doesn’t need to be extreme by any means. But if you want results you will need to tackle this like any other diet. If you are doing this for other reasons other than weight loss, by all means keep your calorie intake right where it is. You will still lose weight.

Last but not least the last recommendation for you to get rolling…have a diet in mind to start with. This can be any diet you have in mind. We like the keto diet going high in fats and low in carbs, check out our take on the Keto diet and fasting.

Water Fasting or Long-Term Fasting

When water fasting the same applies for most of the principles from above. There are differences in intermittent and water fasting. Water fasting gets the name because you really only drink water…that’s it – WATER ONLY. However we have a spin on water fasting…with good reason.

If you truly want to “water fast” then yes…you can drink only water for a set time. In experience and through research, I find it much more beneficial to have again 8-12 ounces of coffee in the morning, then water and sparkling water. The coffee boosts the autophagy cycle which is one of the reasons I use long term fasting in the first place.

When doing a long term fast you need to be committed and versed in your research. Knowing what your body is capable of and not “over doing” certain aspects. I have several 2 day fasts, several 5 days fasts and recently a 10 day fast. Every fast has challenged my mind and my urge to break the fast. A couple hacks to get you through your initial beginning can be seen here.

It really is a Simple Idea – Summary of Beginners Guide to Fasting

Fasting really is simple. It is “not eating” for a set period of time. The hard part is training your mind to understand that “everything is going to be OK”.

Have a Plan and Schedule

You should have a plan in place. Whether it be a well thought out plan with “by the minute” eating schedules or if you


have a looser schedule. Either way have a start and end date. Make sure to set some parameters such as:

  • Length of fast
  • Type of diet you will be on when done
  • Journal your experience
  • Commit to yourself

Having a plan will make it all much easier.

These are just a few simple keys to remember before starting a fast whether it be an intermittent fast or a 5 day water fast. Intermittent fasting is really a great way to lose some unwanted pounds but also start a new unique diet that will help you shed pounds faster. Water fast’s can be great for resetting your entire immune system – helping regenerate some dead cells, and improve your gut health.

These keys seem to be simple – they are. Understanding the above mentioned is paramount. It truly is hard to understand if you have never done this before. Once you have started, you will notice within a few hours your mental state has changed from “I am not that hungry” to “Holy efff, I am not going to get to eat for 3 days!” – or however long or if you are intermittently fasting. You have to learn to conquer you mind, not an easy thing to do.

Conquering your own mind is the first key to success with fasting. I find it best to do this through research on the topic. We have jammed this article full of what is necessary to get rolling. If you have any questions or something to add, please leave a comment below or shoot an email over!

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





Daily Intermittent Fasting Schedule – Weight loss for a Cause

Everybody has a reason to get in shape and shed some unwanted weight, whether it be to fit back into those sexy jeans or to just have more energy. I have said it before everyone has their “why”.

Fitness is a simple choice – you’re either in or your out – It’s you vs. yourself, and their is no blaming anyone when you look at it that way. My good friend Matt reached out to me the other day.

Matt wanted some help with a routine, a diet and plan to get some unwanted weight off…and as fast as possible. When I hear this type of excitement to lose weight… my mind immediately goes to fasting and the benefits of quick results while changing a lifestyle all for the better.

He has been following The Fasting Place a bit and I was super excited to hear that, because then we can cut through the BS of explaining the importance of fasting (a little biased? eh, sure). The entire reason I started writing about fasting and dieting is for this exact moment. To help people achieve an end goal through fitness and fasting.

A Little about Matt

  • He is an enlisted Combat Military Police (MP)
  • MP Team Leader
  • 6 years in the Army National Guard
  • 2014 deployment to Afghanistan attached to Special Ops
  • Previously worked for the Tennessee Counter-Drug Task force as a member of the National Guard
  • Loving father and has a beautiful family (maybe the most important)
Fasting for a Cause
Army, running, PT, intermittent fasting

Matt has grown up with the military. His father is a Colonel in the Army and has since followed the tradition of serving our nation. I want to say a quick thanks to Matt and his family for the great service they have provided with the countless years of service, truly a blessing to know you and your family. Thanks, Matt.

Ask and you Shall Receive

If you want something or need a hand you have to ask. Nobody is a mind reader – or at least no one I know. The worst thing that will happen is you get told “no”, then you move on – or you ask again, resilience. It is a brilliant thing.

So Matt reached out and stressed his goals and vision he wanted. After a binary discussion, we came up with a solution. Below is a sample questionnaire of what we used to get the black and white answers.Fasting Schedule

How much weight are you wanting (going to) lose?

How much time do you have to achieve your goal?

Are you willing to go on a calorie restricted diet?

Are you willing to intermittently fast?

What is your “Why”?

These are extremely simple questions, the answers to these five questions dictate everything to come. I didn’t need to ask him about dedication or will, simply because I know the man. But if I didn’t know him, these questions would be vastly more important than the above five.

After some discussion of the goals he in search of, we decided on a calorie restricted intermittent fasting schedule. We are going to go over some key components to the fasting regimen and diet we have come up with for Matt and his quest to drop some weight.

Grateful to Help – That is The Fasting Place “Why”

As I write on The Fasting Place we are beginning to see a trend with some readers, they are wanting to dive in with a workout and diet plan! This is exciting and I love the influx of requests to learn more and put it all into action.

Gratitude, intermittent fasting, fasting for a cause
Gratitude horizon

I started this website to help people. To get people excited about a new way of living. To get the fasting message across and get people to understand the unique benefits to a good diet and exercise. Truly I am grateful to help anyone that has the desire to get better.

Matt has 6 months or fewer to lose his unwanted weight. He is the first “experiment” here at The Fasting Place and I know he will be a good one, because he won’t give up. We set him up with a phase 1 plan that involves a daily intermittent fasting schedule.

Daily Schedule

When deciding on what route to take for a diet plan involving intermittent fasting, their really isn’t much information available that is in actual “plan” form. This was fun and exciting to put together. We started by taking the calorie intake and simply reducing it to set amount for the specific results desired.

Fast hacks, journaling

This really is something simple to do, write down all of your calories you take in on a daily basis for at least three days. I say three days because if you just do one day, this maybe inaccurate because you will be thinking about it and may falsely represent your actual intake.

Then you will simply take that down a notch and mix it with a catered diet plan.

Diet Plan(s)

When deciding on what diet works best for you, their is a lot to consider.

  • Body Type
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Time you have
  • Budget
  • Work schedule
  • Physique you want or if you just want to shed some poundage

This list could go on for days. Considering the diet of your choice you really need to visit every hour of every day you have. Once you have done that dissect what will work best for you and your situation.

For example:

If you work 12 hour shifts 5 days a week and have to get your kiddos from daycare and then take your daughter to dance before t-ball starts for the other kiddo, then you have some decisions to make.

This can all be managed, if you don’t plan for a crazy schedule excuses will be very easy to come by. And slowly your diet and intermittent fasting will all go to s-h-i-t. This seems common sense but it truly gets overlooked way to easy. It gives you a reason to give up when all you have to do is get a little tough. Having a clear “why” and vision makes this much easier. Holding yourself accountable is rule number one. If you don’t, no one is going to.

Track it – and Report

We gave Matt a pretty basis routine to start with. Basic is the easiest way to start. And it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy. His diet plan is catered specifically for him and his situation. And we wish him the best and know he will do great.

We are going to follow his 6 month trek and see where it goes. After a month we will re asses and figure out if this is working for him. And then we will change it up a little and go from their. This is an exciting

That’s Why We’re Here

This is the reason the Fasting Place was created. To get people to understand they can achieve anything, and it is easier when you are in shape. If you start down a dieting and fasting road without and research or background then you are more than likely going to fail, or it will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Fasting today

How would you feel if you set up a ladder to climb the mountain and do all the work to get to the top, only to realize you were climbing the wrong damn mountain the entire time.

We are here to help, if you would like any insights or help with a diet plan or fasting regimen, please email me below. We can give you a free 1-month plan catered to you.

Please leave some comments or questions below if you have ’em!

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day



Nic Chiri





Fasting Hacks – Simple but Overlooked

When you are wanting to transform yourself whether it be physically, emotionally or spiritually – it is a tall task. A transformation is something that takes dedication, it is a term described as a “dramatic change”. Nothing worth a damn in life comes free, and this relates to losing weight.

Losing weight is something that doesn’t come naturally for most. For most, it is obnoxious, hard work, and not fun at all. This all may be true but looking at it from a different perspective may be the key to get through it. A key, that although may be difficult is very attainable.

Fasting will boost you results tremendously. We are going to break down 10 simple but very useful fasting hacks to get you through a few days of intermittent fasting to start. These fasting hacks can be applied over a more extensive fasting experience as well.

Difficult is a relative term

Rock Climber

To get over fear and tackle the unknown…you just have to start the climb! Get over the idea of not eating for a few hours or a few days as “impossible”. This has been done for centuries and it actually can help you live a longer life. Fasting can clear gut problems, can increase energy levels, and boost mental clarity. So see this as a new experience, a new opportunity – and most importantly see it as moving forward as a human being by promoting you own health.

We will dive into 4 useful fasting hacks that come in handy when facing the hunger urge. These hacks are all mental games and are very useful to lose some unwanted weight. Below is a list of the 10 hacks being discussed, lets get into the not eating thing!

  1. Accountability
  2. Journal
  3. Light Exercise
  4. Stay Busy


It goes without really needing to say, but holding yourself accountable is how you need to start any fast. Whether you are just starting an intermittent trial run or a 5-day water fast, accountability is a must. Making sure you stick to what you set out for will help you to continue on.

I know for me I usually express to my wife my expectations before doing anything, especially fasting. This way I am holding myself accountable by telling her what my plan is. If I fall through on my expectations I will never hear the end of it, which is the entire point of accountability.

Starting out small and moving it forward a notch or two every time you start new. Or you can go the complete other route and shoot for the moon and see where you fall. This may be a bit more degrading because you more than likely fail the first time, but you have a good measure of what you are capable of. A great way to keep you goals in mind it to write it all down.

Journal – Write it Down

Holding yourself accountable is one thing but actually writing it down will solidify you intentions. Keeping a journal will keep you ambitious and feel like you are achieving something – well…because you will be.

I am fascinated with how much weight you can lose fasting in such a short period. When keeping a journal of a fasting trek I like to keep the following jotted down daily.

  • Weight

    Fast hacks, journaling
    Track your fasting progress

  • Hours of sleep
  • Hours I have went without eating (or countdown if you have set out for a specific duration)
  • Inches (waist, arms, neck and legs – I do this at the beginning and end)
  • How I am feeling
  • Intake of water in ounces
  • Workout details

These are just the items that like to jot down. Everyone will find something more important than the other. Just remembering to keep a journal will help you reflect when you are done. What worked, what didn’t – when you will be scheduling you next regimen. Another thing to keep you busy is to work out lightly.

Light Exercise

Light exercise may seem backwards if you aren’t eating at all, but it actually couldn’t be more beneficial to the end goal…depending on what that goal is. If you goal is to lose some weight and get healthier, then yes, light exercise will boost you results. If you are just challenging yourself to see how long you can go without eating (which would be a little

On a mission
On a mission

weird) but hey whatever – then maybe cut back on the light exercise.

When fasting I like to get in some very light cardio (like a mile on the treadmill at a slow pace) and then 45 min to an hour of some light lifting. I feel great afterward and oddly enough you can feel a boost in you exercise habits. For me it is great to go to the gym and not have heartburn…for reals.

Light exercise will speed up the weight loss process and it more importantly keeps you busy, that is the next hack on the list. Staying busy.

Staying Busy

Exercise is a great tool to stay busy, unfortunately you will probably not be able to exercise all day. Staying busy will most certainly keep you mind off of food. And honestly the first 1-2 days is by far the worst when transforming you body to a fasted state – whether it be intermittent or not.

It really is pretty easy for me to stay busy. Playing with kiddos, doing laundry, reading going on a jog or hike with my wife. These are few simple items that I am sure you can use you imagination to utilize.

Weird but True
Something I found oddly satisfying was cooking actually. This may see a bit weird but it is true. When was doing a longer fast I would cook for the fam and loved it. I would focus so much on details and really created some Julia Child masterpieces. The reason I am expressing this – it really doesn’t matter what you do to stay busy, just stay busy.

Simple and Successful

These may seem like overly simplified natural reactions but believe they aren’t. The natural reaction to not eating will be to…eat. Fasting is a mental game. Being able to hold yourself accountable for whatever reason you deem necessary.

You want

  • to fit in a dress
  • to lose that last little bit of belly fat
  • to gain more energy
  • to get chiseled like a superhero

It all starts with a vision and a goal in mind. Simple tasks done one step at a time will get you to the promise land. I encourage everyone to at least try intermittent fasting for a day or two. You will reap benefits you are thinking aren’t possible right now.

I encourage anyone to comment below on you fasting hacks or adventures, I look forward to the discussion. Until then,

thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





Superhero Workout and Diet #3 – Captain America

Welcome to America

When you think of The Avengers Captain America will always come to the front of your mind. Chris Evans portrays a bulky, chiseled and aesthetically perfect Captain America in this series. The idea behind the workout for Captain America is much more simple than most would think. This workout will focus primarily on upper body.

Captain America, Superhero Workout and Diet #3
Captain America

The Fasting Place version of the Captain America workout will be focused on the Chest with a little shoulder work. This upper body shredder is in opposition to the counterpart of the “Chris Battle”, Chris Hemsworth as Thor. The Thor workout is also upper body but focusing primarily on the back and shoulders. We have adapted a time saving classic workout mixed with the optimization of Chris Evans’ idea of a good workout.

It is no secret that Chris Evans isn’t a huge fan of the gym. You may be thinking but how when he looks like he does? The answer is pretty simple actually.

  • Make the time put in count
  • Follow a strict diet
  • Pump up the weight!

Again these points are no big secret, it is just following the elements to a “T” that is the hard part. Chris Evans also used intermittent fasting as well as short and long term fasting for his role as Captain America. We have adapted his diet and fasting routine to optimize results with this chest explosion of a workout.

If you’re wanting to get a new shirt wardrobe, then this is the workout for you. In this article you find the workout you are needing to get a buff chest…fast. We will go over some simple items to know before starting as well. Discussion of a couple supplements to boost your results. Last but not least we will throw in a great fasting regimen that will accompany this workout, optimizing every inch of success.

What to Expect in the Workout

This workout is intended to bulk up the chest and shoulders. I am not excluding women at all from this workout but it is targeted more at a Man’s “idea” of a great physique. To each their own, we are just happy to give the tools to get shredded. This workout will take a little over an hour if followed exactly how we lay it out.

We are completely fine with switching up any part of this workout as long as the core exercises are followed. We are big fans of adapting the workout to your specific needs, once you have found what works of course. If you have read any of the other Superhero and Workout Diet series we discuss the Binary 4:3. We will be using the Binary 4:3 for this Captain America workout as well. This will allow great rest days in between without burning out.

  • Below is a brief description of what the Binary 4:3 is. I will be referring to this term in the workouts below. You can click the link below to see more details if you want, just scroll down til you see the Hulk in the post.

The Binary 4:3

  1. Focus on 4 exercises dedicated to the desired physique
  2. Arm workout
  3. Ab workout
  4. Cardio

Helmet: check – Shield: check

When you are short on time, money and metabolism it may seem like there is no way in hell of getting back into shape or to look like a superhero. I am here to tell you that you are wrong…very wrong. With a strong will, steady workout routine and a couple hacks, this is achievable for ANYONE.

Captain America, Superhero workout and diet, Chris Evans
Captain America

So…if you want a fast way to a superhero body, here are the questions to ask yourself.

  • Why? What reason drives you to want to resemble said superhero?
  • Who are you wanting to resemble in the realm of heroes? (the fun part)
  • How much time are you willing to dedicate to this?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice for the Superhero Workout and Diet? (obviously this is rhetorical)

And finally, do you want getting that physique in half the time it would normally take?

This post may be for you then, because that is what this Superhero Workout and Diet series is all about!

Stand at Attention Soldier

You can resemble the superhero of you dreams, but let’s use our head just a bit. So, you want to look like Dwayne Johnson you will at least need to be 6’5″ and have a slight genetic relation to a bear. This workout will indeed work for anyone looking to change there physique, just note that results will vary – nonetheless with this workout will produce all “good variances!”

Soldier Salute, chris evans, superhero workout and diet
soldier salute

Captain America – Workout Overview

The Captain America workout will focus on two separate workout days. These days will each utilize the binary 4:3 program. These two days are more than enough for a weeks worth of workouts. I personally like working out four days a week when doing something total body. But when it comes to getting specific on building a niche physique it may require a couple extra days of rest. If nothing else just use some off days for cardio.

We have broken down 8 workouts into the two days for a complete upper body workout…of course mixed with the essentials. Feel free to break these exercises down after trying them and mix and match after a few weeks.

When Chris Evans was training for Captain America he actually only did 2 sets and 5 reps of everything. This isn’t a bad idea if you are going extremely heavy on the weights. It also helps if you are a freak in the genetics department. Chris didn’t like spending too much time in the gym, so he adapted the work outs to get the results he desired. With the right trainer, supplements and genes – he made this work. Being realistic and know that most of us don’t have any of these, we have made the workout more…”everyone” friendly.

Day 1 – Hybrid 4:3: Some Legs Mixed in

The first day has a mix of working the shoulders, chest and legs. Day 1 is a day to get the ball rolling. The workout is very straight forward. Make sure to stick with the reps that go along with the exercise. The idea is to build muscle mass and in order to do that the weight must be heavier than normal. So if you can easily do more than the suggested reps, add some iron!

Chest and Legs (Using variation of the Binary 4:3)

  1. Standing Military Press – 4 sets x 8-6
  2. Incline Dumbbell Bench – 4 sets x 8-10
  3. Kettlebell Thrusters – 4 sets x 8
  4. Wide Grip Bench Press – 4 sets x 8

And then follow the core workout with the daily routine below (the 3)

  1. ab workout – 100 – 300 reps (any way to get the reps in)
  2. Arm Workout – Any arm workout you see fit
  3. Cardio – Treadmill for 2 miles or 15-20 min

Feel free to click on any of the above workouts to see them in action. We will give some brief important notes pertaining to the exercises below.

Captain America, Superhero workout and diet, Chris Evans
Chris Evans posing

Standing Military Press
This is called a military press because you are supposed to be standing “at attention”. Keep your feet together under your shoulders. This will feel a little awkward because naturally a person stands a little wider than their frame. Keep your head straight, you should have to tilt your head out of the way in order to properly press the weight for a rep.

Incline Dumbbell Press
Set your incline bench to at least a 45 degree incline, feel free to move one below if you would like. The idea behind the incline press for this specific workout is to explode at the right time. Take the dumbbells down under control and explode up to the top. Pretty common sense stuff, just want to be on the same page.

Kettlebell Thrusters
We like kettlebell workouts here at The Fasting Place. They are unique and really work the entire body. Standing in an upright postion place a kettlebell in each hand. Have the bell facing the back, hold them like you would be squating. You are going to squat under control and then explode up, pressing the kettlebells above your head (much like a military press).

Wide Grip Bench
Using a bench press place your hands slightly wider than you normally would. Feel free ot widen them out a bit if you want. We do have flys in the next workout, so it isn’t necessary to get too wide.

This Day 1 workout is killer and one of our favorites to do. This is a great workout to throw into any routine you are currently doing. On to Day 2.

Day 2 – Chest, Chest and More Chest

A much more “chest” focused day. Remember to have at least one rest day between these two days. I would suggest even two rest days between. This workout will have you feeling swollen…no really your chest will feel like it is going to explode. Like a good explode.

All things Chest (Using variation of the Binary 4:3)

  1. Close Grip Bench – 4 sets x 8
  2. Decline Press – 4 sets x 8
  3. Incline Push Up – 4 sets x 10-20
  4. Dumbbell Incline Fly – 4 sets x 6

And then follow the core workout with the daily routine below (the 3)

  1. ab workout – 100 – 300 reps (any way to get the reps in)
  2. Arm Workout – Any arm workout you see fit
  3. Cardio – Anything other than treadmill for 2 miles or 15-20 min

Feel free to click on any of the above workouts to see them in action. We will give some brief important notes pertaining to the exercises below.

Captain America, Superhero workout and diet, Chris Evans
Chris Evans

Close Grip Bench
Bring your hand in tight. You should have to consciously turn your elbows in to do this exercise right. This workout will require you to go a little lighter more than likely on weight. Close grip bench will target your inner chest and also will start your triceps on fire if done correctly.

Decline Press
This is a great workout and unique at the same time. Using a declined bench roll the bench into a squat rack and adjust accordingly for a nice decline press. If you don’t have access to this equipment just do regular flat bench press or mix it up with dumbbells.

Incline Push Up
Find a box or a bench in the gym. Simply do push ups on an incline. We have 10-20 because everyone will be a bit different with these. Just make sure to feel a little burn.

Incline Dumbbell Fly
Use about half the weight you would normally use for incline dumbbell press. Slightly bend your elbows, slowly widen out to make your arms parallel with your chest. Don’t do heavy weight or many reps with these. Injury can occur easily with these guys. If this scares you, just use a pec deck.

There you have it. The tools for the chest of your dreams. You will be buying bulk XL t shirts in no time. This is only part of the equation. Having a strict diet and a fasting regimen is a must with this workout. You will see results no matter what, but with some dieting and fasting – optimization will occur!

Food for a Captain

If you are looking to upgrade this workout then sticking with a diet and fasting regimen will help you get to the promise land. This diet is specifically for those ready to bulk up. If you are needing to lose a little unwanted fat…then obvisously tone it down a bit.

  • This diet can be achieved with some simple principles in mind.
  • Eat protein, and a lot of it
  • Eat every meal of the day (again add protein)
  • In between meals add in a protein shake or supplement
  • For dinner bulk up and eat chicken, and even more protein

Pretty easy to see the repeating theme. Protein, protein and more protein. If you have the bulk and could afford to shed some pounds stick with a more keto friendly approach and try intermittent fasting.

Intermittently Fasting with Keto

If you are looking to get the chiseled chest look and want to get there faster, stick with intermittent fasting. Don’t eat until 2 pm everyday. Feel free to make this a more protein targeted keto diet. This will help tremendously and you will see results almost instantly. Check out some key points of the keto diet by clicking!

Captain Summary – Is this for you?

Certainly this is for you! This work out is the “good ol American” workout. The simple workout can almost be done anywhere. This workout is easy to follow and easy to track progress. And truth be told, probably one of the more fun workouts for the results you gain.

If you have any insights, questions or adaptations to any of the above, we would love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day


Nic Chiri





Philips XXL Airfryer Review: A Machine for the Family

Product: Philips XXL Airfryer 
$349.00 – $385.00
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Guarantee: One year warranty
Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The Airfried Journey

When starting down the healthy road there are many new ways to get distracted when it comes to cooking your food. I enjoy unique ways of cooking food with health benefits. I have smoked ribs, grilled anything under the sun and of course have used the oven. Just over the last year I had heard my friends trying out an “airfryer” not knowing what this was, I was intrigued. I hit the research trail.

I didn’t have to go very far to find an array of airfryers and a mix of reviews. Every product was claiming to be the “best” and had good backing with it. I had to figure out a way to narrow my search down. There is quite literally an aiffryer for every type of person. There are small air fryers, big air fryers. There are digital menu products, manual products etc., the list goes on and on. I imagine it to be like this when the first microwaves to come out.

I narrowed my search by using these metrics:

  • Something for a family of 4
  • Multiple settings for various foods
  • Price point
  • Quality
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Aesthetics

I found it pretty easy to narrow down once I had something to go off of. After my research I had come to one conclusion across the board and that was the Philips XXL airfryer. It had everything I needed, it was big, durable, easy to use and clean. Having many Philips appliances already, I knew it was a brand I could trust.


This airfryer was easy from the start. When it arrived it was packaged exactly how I like to see appliances. Very snug and plenty of precautionary padding throughout. The directions are simple and almost could have put this machine together without instructions. My four year old daughter and I put this bad boy together, it took us about 25 minutes. And that was after double checking everything. I have bought a couple different air fryers and this was by far the simplest to put together.

The assembly of this airfryer was easy and quick. After washing the accessories it came with we were able to use this the first night. I thought I would spend a night messing around with it before use, but I was wrong. The Phillips XXL Air Fryer comes with a bunch of useful features as well.


The features this product has are useful and very handy. Some airfryers that I have used in the past have very unnecessary features. I can honestly say I have used every feature the Philips XXL Airfryer has to offer. Below is a list of the great features.

  • Automatic shut-off
  • Cord storage
  • Digital touchscreen
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ready signal
  • Temperature control
  • Keep warm function
  • Recipe book & App
  • Preset program
  • QuickClean basket
  • Advanced Rapid Heat

Cord Storage
This may seem like a silly feature but it is actually extremely thoughtful. The cord storage is great for actually stowing away your airfryer when not in use. There is an actual compartment in the back that actual hides the cord from anybody seeing it. A big kudos to Philips on yet another innovation in the market.

Digital Touchscreen
The digital touchscreen just add that tech savvy touch it. The other airfryers that we have in the house are manual or push button, which honestly is fine. The digital touchscreen just adds an element of aesthetics that I enjoy and will be a nice touch if buying as a gift as well. It is one of the few on the market with this technology.

Keep Warm Funtion
This function may be the most useful function for busy families on the go. This gives you the ability to keep the food warm in case something comes up. If you are waiting for the spouse to get home from work; or if you need to put cooking on hold because of unfortunate mud puddle that made it’s way inside somehow with the kiddos.

Preset Program
Like I said this has an array of great features. I will go over a few of the ones I find most beneficial. My wife and I find the preset program extremely helpful. Once we have some basic meals in place we can set up a pre-set function for that meal. I know I have a preset for chicken nuggets and french fries, and all it takes is setting up that simple preset function. Super helpful.

The Perfect Machine

The Philips XXL Airfryer is a wonder machine for me and my family. The XXL part is the reason this machine is in our home. I have cooked a 5 pound chicken in this baby, with no problem. I have cooked up to 3 pounds of french fries and all sorts of various veggies.

Whether we are cooking a big meal (which we use the presets for) or something simple. Simple like a keto quesadilla snack. This is a great quick way to get a tasty meal. Below are even more great reason to go XXL and never look back!

  • Patented Rapid Air heat circulation technology works in conjunction with top grill to guarantee uniform cooking and browning.
  • Patented “starfish” design inside fryer ensures perfectly uniform heat circulation
  • Pull-out airfryer basket makes it easy to add and remove food
  • Oil pan, frying basket and inside of fryer have durable nonstick coating for quick, easy cleanup
  • Oil pan and basket are dishwasher safe
  • Includes airfryer basket and deluxe recipe booklet

The Bottom Line

I would suggest this arifryer to anybody that is on the go. The Philips XXL Airfryer is perfect for families. This product takes our 90% of the bad fatty oils and preserves all the goodness. Also, with this quality machine you get a one-year warranty along with around the clock support from Philips.

I have three airfryers now and this one is our go to. It cooks big meals with ease and the touchscreen is just a nice advancement in the industry. The Fasting Place gives the Philips XXL Airfryer an 9.5 out of 10.

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly uncomfortable day

Nic Chiri